Bill Haney: “Ryan Garcia Been Getting Pimped All His Life!”

Bill Haney Goes Deep On Ryan Garcia!

Bill Haney responds to Ryan Garcia
Bill Haney (Ed Mulholland/Matchroom) says Ryan Garcia has been getting pimped

Bill Haney Thinks Ryan Garcia Knows Plenty About Being Pimped!

Now in back-to-back presser, WBC junior welterweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15 KO’s), “King Ry” Ryan Garcia and their fathers, Bill Haney and Henry Garcia, did not fail to entertain. Although, the second presser in LA turned far more vitriolic and personal than the premiere presser in New York.

During the course of the event, Haney doubled down on his allegation that King Ry does cocaine, Bill Haney said Henry Garcia, had on a toupee, and Henry went on a “nappy hair” tirade while calling Bill Haney a pimp. Ryan Garcia didn’t help matters by ping-ponging between spiritual quotes, boldly claiming alcohol and weed use, and sprinting through a series of motions on stage.


To further underscore the odd feeling of the presser, at one point, Garcia began playing the theme song for YouTube kids channel Coco Melon on his phone and pressed his mic to the phone speaker. He did this in an effort to seemingly try to drown out Haney, who was speaking at the time. Later, after Garcia apparently got upset, he essentially refused to talk for a portion of time.

In an effort to double-back and address the claim that he is a pimp, Bill Haney compared Garcia to the professional women of the night!

“The boy been getting pimped all his life and he talking about some pimping! He got pimped when he had to do the weight drain, he got pimped when he signed the contract. I mean, it sound like a hoe that is having problems!”

Considering how this tour has kicked off, there is no doubt that the two teams will continue to war and supply countless watercooler talking points. With this being the case, stay tuned to 3Kings Boxing for all things boxing.

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