Super Middleweight Germaine Brown Defeats Jamal Le Doux By UD!

Germaine Brown hands Jamal Le Doux his second loss

Super middleweight Germaine Brown posing following his fight with Jamal Le Doux
Germaine Brown

Germaine Brown hands Jamal Le Doux his second loss

In his latest at bat, super middleweight boxer Germaine Brown (10-0, 3 KO’s) found himself victorious by way of unanimous decision. The bout, against Jamal “Lethal” Le Doux (8-2, 4 KO’s), came nearly one full calendar year after his last outing versus Dmitrii Chudinov. While undefeated, Brown’s resume leaves a whole lot to be desired. Out of his ten opponents, only three have winning records. Likewise Le Doux has primarily been matched with a bunch of bewildered no-hopers and well-weathered journeymen. Nevertheless, a win is a win.


The contest began at a fairly busy pace, although the first round was a standard feel-out period. Each man probed with their jabs and searched for their range. Le Doux was the more aggressive of the two, yet neither man had a significant edge on the other in the early goings. The bout remained pretty even until the fourth period when the two fighters began more of a phonebooth style of combat. Under this dynamic, Brown enjoyed a great deal of success with his body shots and short uppercuts. His dominance increased in the fifth.

Over the next few rounds, Brown’s edge was not quite as dominant but he was still in control. Down the stretch of the final two rounds, Brown continued to press the action and crowd Le Doux’s personal space. He was able to grind his foe down while battling oftentimes shoulder to shoulder. Le Doux attempted to increase his output in the final period but it was a case of too little too late. In fact, in the final minute of the last round, Brown blasted Le Doux with a handful of heavy hooks. Unsurprisingly, when the prizefight was over, Germaine Brown was awarded with the unanimous decision victory.

By: Bakari Simpson

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