Canelo/GGG: Is It Already Cancelled?

Is Canelo/GGG 2 fate already decided?

“Way too much money involved for them to cancel this fight…” Remember that? Everyone thought the same thing when news of Canelo Alvarez’ failed drug test, for Clenbuterol, first surfaced earlier this month, especially with the convenient excuse of known cases of meat contaminated with Clenbuterol in Mexico.

Since that time however Canelo’s upcoming opponent, Gennady Golovkin and his team have been vociferous in their opinion on the matter for sure. Golovkin has stated that he most definitely believes Alvarez to be a drug cheat plain and simple. He is NOT buying no excuses about “bad” beef.

This past Friday the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced a temporary suspension of Alvarez. Executive Director Bob Bennett told that a final hearing would be held on April 10th to decide the fate of the rematch between Alvarez and Golovkin. Then earlier this week we learned of a meeting set for this coming Friday for what’s said to be a formality more so than anything.

In the past 48hrs rumors have bounced back and forth between sources and journalists like hot cakes that the fight is going to be cancelled. I myself have been told by two different sources, both of which are heavily involved in the matter, that the fight will be cancelled/postponed. That being said we still have to wait and see what Bennett and the commission have to say.

But in the meantime let’s look at circumstantial evidence; HBO removed advertising and didn’t mention the fight as an upcoming event during this past Saturday’s broadcast, Fathom Events has cancelled the showings at theaters all across America and now today yet another sign pointing toward the fight being in serious jeopardy. Earlier today an MGM official revealed to that fans who have already made ticket purchases are eligible for a full refund. Hmmm…. If it’s not already cancelled and the bout is still on, they sure are doing a bunch of things backwards because everything mentioned above is exactly what is done when a fight is cancelled.

Fans were planning their trips to Vegas for the much anticipated rematch but now, as more is revealed, it’s seeming less likely that we will actually see a fight on May 5th. The results of the hearing on April 10 should let us know a definitive status on the middleweight title rematch in Las Vegas. Until then follow us here for further information as it becomes available.

By: Chris Henderson 

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