The Case for a Errol Spence Jr vs Shawn Porter Rematch

Why Not Run Back a Fight of the Year Candidate?

Shawn Porter and Errol Spence
Shawn Porter (left) and Errol Spence (right).

Why Not Errol Spence vs Shawn Porter 2?

On September 28, 2019 we were treated to a back-and-forth brawl between the Tasmania devil-like Shawn Porter and Errol Spence. The fight was even good enough to immediately usurp the Julian Williams vs Jarrett Hurd or the Keith Thurman vs Manny Pacquiao bouts as the favorite for fight of the year. So, why aren’t we talking about an immediate rematch?

After the conclusion of his post-fight interview, we were introduced to Spence’s next opponent in Danny Garcia. No disrespect to Garcia, but what has he done to warrant an opportunity to face Spence?

Let’s discuss. He’s 1-1 in his last two fights having lost to Shawn Porter for the vacant WBC welterweight title last September. Although, he did bounce back with a knockout victory over Adrian Granados in April, to me that simply won’t cut it.

Although, an argument he could make is his ranking. The WBC has him #1 and the IBF positioned him at #4; the two sanctioning bodies Spence is the champion of.

However, barring Spence versus either Manny Pacquiao or Terence Crawford, an immediate rematch with Porter does make sense to me.

Porter, a two-time welterweight champion, has proven himself an elite fighter at welterweight. Say what you want about his fighting style and whether he’s dirty or not. The fact remains he’s a fighter that has never been knocked out nor clearly dominated, and he’s fought some great fighters. 

The type of performance he displayed against Spence Jr wasn’t a fluke. Go back to June 2016 where he and Keith Thurman gave us a great fight that saw Porter push Thurman to the max.

If you ask me, over any other fighter not named Pacquiao or Crawford, he should be the next fight for the unified champion.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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  1. I agree that Porter should be given a rematch. Actually, it should be their next fight. I agree that Porter has underrated boxing skill. And I agree, go back and watch the Thurman fight again. Porter doubled Thurman up in jabs, landed more than 80 power shots, and out landed Thurman 9/12 rounds. How Thurman was given a UD victory I’ll never know. Actually, I do know, but I wont get into that.
    I also agree that Danny Garcia has done nothing to earn a title shot, having just lost to Porter two fights ago. Now, Danny vs Porter, winner gets Errol, i could live with. But Porter is far more deserving of fighting Errol than Danny. Not to mention, I think Danny gets beat, badly against Errol. I just dont think his style gives Errol any issues. Danny had good power and a good left hook @140, but Danny hasnt been a killer @147. Point of fact, Danny’s lack of power vs Thurman and Porter is why he lost those fights. Danny couldn’t back them up or slow them down. And Thurman has proven to be soft to the body, and Danny still couldn’t hurt him. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do with Danny Garcia. But just giving him a title fight seems unfair to at least Porter. Unless Porter were to land a fight with Manny. But I seriously doubt that ever happens. Years ago Freddy Roach fired Shawn Porter as a sparring partner because he was beating Manny up, being to rough with him. So I dont see Roach signing a fight with the guy. Porter vs Crawford or Porter vs Errol is what should be next for Porter..

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