Chisora to Fight Price Without Chief Second!

Dereck Chisora to Fight Price with no Chief Second

Dereck Chisora
Dereck Chisora

Dereck Chisora to Fight Price with no Chief Second

No stranger to controversy or sensational headlines, Dereck “War” Chisora (31-9, 22 KO’s) has managed to do so once again. The always-unpredictable heavyweight has successfully stunned the boxing world by announcing that for his next bout with David Price (25-6, 20 KO’s) we will go into battle without any chief second in his corner. Needless to say, such a move is wildly unorthodox!

His most recent head trainer, Dave Coldwell, assures that there is no bad blood between himself and the hard-punching Chisora. Apparently, this decision was simply a matter of logistics. While preparing himself for his October 26 showdown with Price, Chisora has his mind set on training in his native London backyard.

Unfortunately for Coldwell, training in that region was simply not feasible for him due to his own professional and familial obligations.

“[It’s] disappointing, of course, that I won’t be working with [Chisora] for the Parker fight, but he needed me to train him in London and I can’t do that. My fighters need me in the Coldwell Gym and my family need me at home. So, unfortunately that means it just couldn’t work this time around. It’s been great working with him. He’s genuinely been a pleasure to work with and has supported the young fighters in the gym brilliantly. Myself, my family and the boys in the gym all wish Dereck the very best of luck for preparations and for the big fight itself and we’ll be there cheering him on with the fans come fight night.” ~Dave Coldwell, Dereck Chisora chief second

This is the second time that Chisora has made unusual headlines in regards to the October 26 dust-up. War previously captivated boxing fans by colorfully expressing his displeasure at not being the main event of the upcoming card. He felt that because it was in London, and he was a heavyweight, that he should receive top billing.

By his logic, he was selling the bulk of the tickets. Also, the heavyweight division was the hottest division in the sport. WBA super world super lightweight champion Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (24-0, 20 KO’s), who is fighting in the main event against IBF world super lightweight champion Josh “Tartan Tornado” Taylor (15-0, 12 KO’s), did not take kindly to War’s demands. He was the only one who spoke up during the presser when Chisora began his now-infamous rant.

Overall, it has been an interesting year for Chisora. His original opponent for the October 26 date, Joseph “Lupesoliai La’auliolemalietoa” Parker (26-2, 20 KO’s), had to pull out for health reasons. Apparently, the sturdy New Zealander was bitten by a spider during training and suffered some serious adverse physical affects.

“To be honest with you, I’m going to be in my own corner. Dave has been saying ‘you have to get a coach’. I’m like ‘no, I don’t want a coach’. I have been boxing for years, I know how to train myself and stuff like that. Just write the program and I’ll do it myself […] even on fight night.” ~Dereck Chisora, heavyweight boxer

Earlier in the year, following his knockout-loss to Dillian Whyte, Chisora officially split with his long-time trainer Don Charles. The two had enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship that lasted for about a solid decade. Despite the quick and surprising separation, Charles held no animosity toward Chisora and wished him the best.

Come October 26, armed with zero chief seconds, we will all see how effect Dereck Chisora is at fighting on autopilot!

“From his [Chisora] achievements in boxing he gave birth to me […] as a coach, I wouldn’t be known otherwise. It’s through his achievements that I’m on the map and through my coaching ability is why he is also. It’s a two-way thing, but some people chose maybe not to see it that way. That’s how I see it. We’ve both given birth to each other, right? […] we had a good run […] I wish him all the best with Dave Coldwell, you know. Dave is a good coach.” ~Don Charles, Dereck Chisora’s former chief second

By: Bakari Simpson

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