Claressa Shields On Amanda Nunes: “You May See Me And Her Fighting”

Claressa Shields is serious about fighting Amanda Nunes

Claressa Shields (left), Amanda Nunes
Claressa Shields (left), Amanda Nunes

Claressa Shields is serious about fighting Amanda Nunes

Self-proclaimed G.W.O.A.T (Greatest Woman Of All-Time) Claressa “T-rex” Shields (11-0, 2ko) has been on a mission to prove that statement is not only the truth but a way of life. Shields is a two-divisional undisputed champion in boxing, and she is also looking to prove herself in MMA by targeting a fight with two-divisional UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

News first broke when the G.W.O.A.T signed a huge MMA deal to compete in the PFL (Professional Fighters League). This sent the entire social media network into a frenzy. For the two-divisional undisputed champion, this would see her fulfilling a personal goal.

Shields has acknowledged the greatness in the female UFC champion Nunes in the past. In 2019, she had a hot-mic moment during an interview on TMZ following Nunes’ two dominant performances against former female boxing champion turned MMA champion Holly Holms, and Shields’ close friend, MMA living legend Chris Cyborg.

“She is the GWOAT in MMA and I’m the GWOAT in boxing.”

Of course, that did not stop Shields from making it clear that if they ever stepped into a boxing ring, she would body Nunes. She also admitted she has no work for the UFC champion inside the cage.


Well, it seems that may now change. During an interview with Ak & Barak, Shields was very candid about her status of being called the GWOAT, and Nunes is not in the same conversation.

“If people can’t say that I’m the greatest woman of all time because I just box, they can’t say that she’s the greatest woman of all time if she just does MMA. You got to be able to do both because boxing and MMA are both combat sports.”

“Right now I am ahead of the game when you talk about that because I have my first MMA match on June 10. They can build her with that in MMA, but when it comes to being the greatest woman of all time you got to be able to do both.”

Shields would acknowledge that the UFC champion cannot touch her in a boxing ring. However, she shifted gears from previous statements of not being able to deal with the Nunes in the cage by claiming that will change, given time.

“Amanda Nunes could do nothing with me in a boxing match, but I will be able to do something with her in the MMA cage in about two and half years.”

The two-divisional undisputed champion’s last statement will undoubtedly have MMA fans going ham on social media.

“Because I’m learning everything so fast, you may see me and her fighting against each other.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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