Claressa Shields To Keith Thurman: “He Gotta Land More Than One To Get Me Outta There!”

Claressa Shields: "How Is He Gonna Take The Punch I Give Him?"

Claressa Shields talking to Gillie and Keith Thurman
Claressa Shields expresses why she can beat Keith Thurman. Credit: IG - @gilliedaking | Credit: ESPN)

Claressa Shields Doubles-Down On Keith Thurman Flaws

Two-division undisputed and three-division champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields is known for sparring men. This has been a staple in helping to hone her superior boxing skills to become a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and one of the fastest champions in the sport of boxing! However, this has also contributed to T-Rex’s stern belief that she can defeat a top level male counterpart in a seriously contested boxing match! Her latest target (but not the first time he has been targeted) is former unified welterweight champion, Keith “One-Time” Thurman!

Claressa Shields speaks on why she could beat Keith Thurman. Credit: IG – @gilliedaking | Credit: YT – haNZAgod

More can be found on the YouTube channel Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. The boxing world doesn’t really know why the laser-guided beam from Shields has been pointed at Thurman, but it has gone on for years! In September 2023, Thurman finally responded to the heat, dismissing the female #1 P4P fighter’s thoughts as being a product of the “battle of the sexes”. Nevertheless, the women’s undisputed champ has a “thing” for calling out men. In 2019 while mentioning Thurman, Shields also stated she could get the best of now retired former champions Shawn Porter and Gennady Golovkin!


Thurman has been one of the biggest punchers in boxing for a long time! Shield’s mentions being “bigger”, however, in this case size is not the important factor. Genetics is! Men naturally have more muscle mass which makes them naturally stronger. Furthermore, they posses greater overall bone density which makes the hits more impactful. These among other advantages! The moniker “One-Time” comes from Thurman’s ability to land concussive punches on men. If these two were to meet in the ring, both going 100% with no headgear, Shields likely wouldn’t last one round. Common sense makes this easy to be deduced as a logical conclusion.

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Luckily, the boxing Gods would never allow a match like this to take place. However, it is still very annoying to see it even being mentioned from Shields. Let it go champ!

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