Daniel Dubois Stops Ebenezer Tetteh in One!

Daniel Dubois Is Too Good For Journeyman & Prospects!

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Dubois

Daniel Dubois easily moves on from Ebenezer Tetteh!

At the Royal Albert Hall in London, rising heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois made easy work of previously undefeated challenger Ebenezer Tetteh, scoring two knockdowns en route to a first round knockout!

In the process Dubois, won the vacant Commonwealth Heavyweight title.

In spite of his impressive record, Tetteh (19-1, 16 KO’s) was the heavy underdog coming in. Furthermore, from the opening round it was obvious the fighter from Ghana was inferior in terms of style and class.

Dubois (13-0, 12 KO’s) got to work early pumping the jab against his stiff-looking opponent. Taller, bigger, faster as well as the harder puncher, you got a sense as soon as the 22-year old champion started to connect this fight would be over soon.

Halfway through the opening round, Dubois found a home for his power shots as Tetteh went down from a right hook with 1:18 to go in the round. Though he was able to beat the count, you knew that the fight was as good as over.

A follow up series of punches put the Ghanaian down for a second time with :60 to go in the round. Again he rose to his feet, but referee Mark Lyson had seen enough and called a halt to the contest with :50 to go in the round.

Truth be told this was a pathetic mismatch with everyone knowing going in Dubois was clearly the better fighter. That being said, the young fighter has shown marked improvement.

Believed by many as the best Heavyweight prospect in the UK, there has been talk of Dubois facing the likes of contenders Joy Joyce and David Price at some point in 2020.

Whoever is next, it’s clear the kid is a class ahead of other prospects and journeyman at this stage of his career.

Bring on some top level contenders!

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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  1. Daniel did make easy work out of Tetteh, and looked good. But…I still think Efe Ajagba is the young gun to watch. I like both of these guys, I just like Efe a little bit more. Both will impact the division and their time is coming. Wilder, Joshua and Fury are on borrowed time. These guys will get them out of there pretty soon.

    • Efe stopped mentioning Wilder after he KOed Dominic in round 1. I don’t see either Daniel or Efe defeating Wilder.

      • Probably not today, but Efe Ajagba is still a prospect. But the way Heavyweights climb the ranks that fight could happen as soon as 2022. After 12-13 pro fights you can already see Efe has far better fundamentals than Wilder. Wilder is basically a C- level fighter with A level power. He was completely out boxed by a fat, no power Fury, loosing damn near ever round except the round he scored a knock down. I dont care what those judges say, Fury made Wilder look pretty basic. Joshua, Ruiz and Fury are all better than Wilder. If Wilder is still boxing by the time Efe gets to him, Efe most likely retires him. Efe will develop the right hand to levels rarely seen in the Heavyweight division. When they speak the name Efe Ajagba, they will compate him to the likes of Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis, with better power. Daniel Dubois is another one that will replace Wilder, and Joshua. These two young gunns are coming, and I’m excited for the future of this Division. The fact that we have solid B level fighters in there right now is exciting. When Wlad Klitchko was champ, there was him, solid B level fighter. But everyone else was C or D level. And Wlad could only beat them across the pond. Everytime he fought in the USA he’d get points taken away for holding or he’d lose. So thank you for responding to my post. It’s nice to be talking about the Heavyweights again. Feels like its been 20 years since the Heavyweights were relevant….

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