Hearn On Davis Controversy: “They Took A Few Words From A 5 Minute Conversation”

Eddie Hearn Opts Not to Apologize to Gervonta Davis

Eddie Hearn defends his controversial comments to Gervonta Davis
Eddie Hearn defends his controversial comments to Gervonta Davis

Eddie Hearn Defends Himself on Controversial Comments on Gervonta Davis

Lately, Eddie Hearn is in the news for undesirable reasons. After WBA Regular lightweight champion Gervonta Davis stopped WBA junior lightweight champion Hector Luis Garcia, Hearn caused quite a stir by declaring that Davis was not articulate nor a deep thinker when recapping the fight. However, the Matchroom Boxing promoter swears to have no clue where he went wrong.

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Following the comments going public, the reaction was palpable. Many fans called those comments offensive. Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe, went so far as to say Hearn was disrespectful and racist. Davis has now gone to social media and released a series of back-and-forth exchanges between Hearn and himself.

Text conversation between Eddie Hearn and Gervonta Davis
Text conversation between Eddie Hearn and Gervonta Davis


Hearn claims his comments were misconstrued, and a byproduct of film editing. But here’s the problem: everyone heard what he said. His calling Davis inarticulate was not edited. Even if you want to buy his rationale, it doesn’t take away the fact that the Matchroom chair called Davis an inarticulate fighter compared to his potential upcoming opponent, Ryan Garcia.

What evidence does Hearn have to make such claims? In his most recent win, the lightweight champ didn’t just wade in and go balls to the wall. Instead, he fought with patience, using his skills to set his foe up for the power shots that ultimately caused the stoppage. These are not the makings of a shallow-thinking fighter.

Davis is an undefeated fighter and a two-division world champion. He’s held a world title since 2017. You can’t do what he’s accomplished without having, at the very least, a modicum of ring smarts. When it comes to Davis outside the ring, Hearn doesn’t know him well enough to label him in that manner.

So, despite Hearn’s contention, it’s easy to see why there is a segment of boxing observers who are still upset, offended, and outraged. The fallout from his comments continues.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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