Controversy in Manhattan: Stevenson/Gvozdyk Purse Bid

Stevenson vs Gvozdyk

WBC Light Heavyweight Championship purse bid controversy

The purse bid for the WBC light heavyweight title between Adonis Stevenson and Interim challenger Oleksandr Gvozdyk took place in Manhattan, but ended in controversy.

There were bids placed by TGB Promotions, Yvon Michel (promoter for Stevenson) and Top Rank (promoter for Gvozdyk). TGB won with a $3 Million bid; out-bidding the other two $1 million and $1.4 million respectively.

According to WBC rules Stevenson would be entitled to 65 percent of the highest bid and Gvozdyk 35 percent. However, strangely enough after being declared the winner, TGB Promotions withdrew the winning bid.

This move made Michel the winner and wants to make the fight on Nov 3 in Quebec City. Top Rank Promotions was not happy at all by this and apparently neither was the WBC top brass.

There seems to be a theory that both TGB & Michel pre-arranged this making sure Top Rank doesn’t win the bid, which could have meant Stevenson being forced to fight in the U.S. Something like this has never been done before and all parties involved were voicing an opinion, including Bob Yalen who was supervising the purse bid. So amidst all the controversy, the WBC claims it will rule on the situation by Thursday.

Now the WBC per their rules have the right to cancel the purse bid and order a new purse bid. How will the WBC rule or will Michel be awarded to proceed as the winner? Either way will continue follow this story for further development.

By: Garrisson “Bo” Bland

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