Seniesa Estrada Batters Marlen Esparza to Controversial Decision Win!

Seniesa Estrada Settles Her Beef WIth Marlen Esparza!

Seniesa Estrada
Seniesa Estrada

Seniesa Estrada wins a bloody fight over Marlen Esparza! 

The much anticipated WBA interim flyweight title fight between Seniesa Estrada and Marlen Esparza lived up to the pre-fight hype it projected. Both women couldn’t wait to get a piece of one another and the dislike was real!

Just as fast as the beef started, the fight got off to the same kind of pace.

In the opening round, the two unbeaten fighters met in the middle of the ring immediately. The punches were being thrown at a blistering pace, left and right hands landed by both women. Neither woman wanting to give ground. Estrada seemed to get the edge early using her ability to constantly switch from southpaw to orthodox. This allowed her to land some big shots while her opponent had to adjust to the changes.

However, in round four, Esparza would steal momentum as she went downstairs with bad intentions. The momentum was short lived as it shifted back in the favor of the smaller Estrada as she continued to user her unorthodox style to open up opportunities. The main problem for Esparza was while she would have her moments, she could not make the correct adjustments to develop a rhythm.

Then things got worse for the former Olympic Bronze medalist. Before the conclusion of round five, a clash of heads would open up a horrible gash on the forehead of Esparza, The blood would immediately start to pour.

She would not be deterred as she kept fighting on, however, the cut was taking it’s toll. In addition, the two continued to clash heads which would ultimately debilitate the former Olympian’s confidence.

Round eight was all Estrada as she pummeled her opponent who finally started to show vulnerability to the punches from the punches landed. A combination of fatigue and constant pressure had Esparza reeling.

After another head clash that would widen the gaping wound on her forehead,  a conversation would ensue between the ringside doctor, and Esparza’s team heading into the final round. After being asked by referee Robert Byrd if she could see, Esparza would tell him no. At that point the fight was called off.

Confusion then ensued as it was expected Estrada would get a TKO victory. Typically when a fighter claims they cannot continue, the fight is seen as a stoppage from the corner which would translate into a victory for the other fighter due to corner retirement. However in this case, the fight went to the scorecards.

Regardless, the right fighter won, although, by very wide decision. 90-81, 89-82 and 88-83 would be the scores to give Estrada the victory. In the post-fight interview, she made it clear that a rematch was not warranted since she doesn’t normally campaign at flyweight. She also remained steadfast that the beef with Esparza is not finished!

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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