Savannah Marshall On If She Beats Shields: “I Think She Leaves Boxing!”

Savannah Marshall Thinks She May Retire Claressa Shields!

Collage of Savannah Marshall and Claressa Sheilds
Savannah Marshall and Claressa Shields

Savannah Marshall Confident She Repels The Threat Of Claressa Shields!

Mind games in boxing are crucial as fighters often use this tactic to disrupt their opponent’s mindset and throw them off their game-plan. If effective, you have won the fight before the first bell has sounded! This is the case with unified middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (12-0, 2KO) and WBO champion Savannah “Silent Assassin” Marshall (12-0, 10KO).

Social media has been on fire with news of their upcoming showdown to take place on September 10. It is good news considering Shields initially declined Marshall’s request to fight in September as she did not believe the WBO champ needed to undergo a surgery that would postpone their July date. During the press conference for the build-up for undisputed, both champions brought their A-game. Fans were glued to anything with a screen and sound, wanting to catch a glimpse of the two arch-nemesis exchange words.

Fans have been watching these two exchange words for years. Shields has remained steadfast in being able to win the match-up with relative ease. While Marshall once told the unified champion that she would wipe the floor with her.


These are the kinds of mind games that have gained the attention of the entire boxing community. In a recent sneak-peek of the upcoming Sky Sports “The Gloves Are Off” series, the mind games got turned up a notch!

Both champions were asked how they would react if they lose, and the exchange is worth wanting to see the entire episode.

Shields: I don’t even answer those types of questions because there is no ‘what if I lose.’ I wouldn’t go to the gym if that was the case and I wouldn’t fight her if that was the case. I’m going to win. It’s not no ‘what happens if I lose’, there is no ‘if’.

Marshall: I think we would never see you [Shields] in the boxing ring again. (On thinking about defeat) Of course, I have, and it’s not happening.

Shields: You lost right there thinking about it.

Marshall: (On if it is possible she could lose) Of course it’s possible.

Shields: Lost again!

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By: Garrisson Bland

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