Seniesa Estrada Talks July Return & Future Goals

Seniesa Estrada Talks Last and Future Bouts

Seniesa Estrada
Seniesa Estrada

Seniesa Estrada Talks Last and Future Bouts

For junior flyweight fighter Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (18-0, 7 KO’s), the mandated quarantine brought on by COVID-19 has been a fairly bitter-sweet period. As a homebody by nature, the extra time at the house has gifted her with the window of opportunity to finish a series of children’s books that she’d been tinkering with for a number of years.

However, the very same protocols ended her would-be plans of facing two separate world champions. Yet, outside the side-tracked prizefights, Estrada is taking everything in stride. In fact, even though it is tenuous at best, she is eyeing a potential July 4 return to the ring.

“Lately I have been writing children’s books. I would say for the past few years, I just never really finished any of them. You know, with training and everything else going on, I’ve just kind of procrastinated about finishing them. So with the extra time, I finally been working on them and had a chance to finish about four of them or five. It’s something we are working on, publishing the first one.”

“…that’s the date that I am getting ready for. It’s not 100% yet for July 4, but that’s the date that I am getting ready for just in case. It could be another date in July, but yeah I am ready…all of the champions at 105, 108, which are the weights that I fight at, even the fighters at 112, they’re all outside of the US.”

“So we had pretty big plans this year for me to fight two world champions, who are of course outside of the US. So it sucks that that kind of got put on hold, so I don’t know if any of those will happen this year.”


When last in the ring, Estrada went to bloody battle with her outspoken professional rival Marlen Esparza (7-1, 1 KO). Their feud never got overtly crass or vulgar in the build-up. However, it was obvious to all that they really did not care for the other as a person. Once in the ring, the two put on an all-action, non-stop war.

For Esparza, things took a serious turn for the worse when she suffered a terrible gash on her forehead during the fifth period. Despite her efforts to continue fighting, she was never able to really get back into the fight. Quizzically, despite the bout being waved off due the cut, the fight went to the scorecards. Generally, in this situation it would be ruled as a TKO. It is unclear why that did not happen here.

Often times when rivals share the ring with one another, a sort of mutual respect is gained from the experience. In the case of Estrada and Esparza, this is clearly not the case! Estrada is definitely down to rematch Esparza, but these two will never see eye to eye.

“I mean I am not afraid of her so of course I’m down to give her the rematch. I’ll do the rematch at 108. So if she wants to come to 108 to fight me, then we can do it. I fought her at 112, which is not the weight class that I wanted to fight at, but I said okay I’ll do it at 112 just because I wanted to kick her ass so badly. And you know, she had so many excuses, of course the head-butt.”

“…then I heard in an interview that she did last week where she said […] ‘yeah the cut was really bad and I was looking at the ref like save me, help me!’ Like come on, as a fighter those words will never, ever, ever come out of my mouth! I would never look to the ref to save me. But hey, some fighters just have a different mentality and her mentality is pretty weak and you know it showed a lot in that fight. But like I said, I am not afraid of her. So I’ll beat her a second time if she wants to come to 108.”


Like all fighters, and most of us in society, Estrada is just itching to get back in the ring. Once allowed to resume her career, Super Bad has some very clear and lofty goals for how she would like to end her professional run as a fighter.

“So my goal before retiring is to have all four major world titles at 105 and all four major world titles at 108. And I would also like to end it at 112 as well, even though a lot of the girls there are a lot bigger than me and heavier. But I feel like I can beat the world champions that are at 112, so I would like to do that as well.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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