Danny Garcia: “I Feel Like 154 Is The Next Chapter In My Career!”

Danny Garcia would love a super welterweight fight with Jermell Charlo

Two-divisional champion Danny Garcia, unified super welterweight champion Jermell Charlo
Danny Garcia (left), Jermell Charlo

Danny Garcia would love a super welterweight fight with Jermell Charlo

As far as resumes go, you really can’t brush off the credentials of two-division champion Danny “Swift” Garcia (36-3, 21 KO’s). When called to task he can claim the scalps of Kendall Holt, Erik Morales (twice), Amir Khan, Zab Judah, Lucas Matthysse, Lamont Peterson and Paul Malignaggi. While he found himself unsuccessful in claiming victory, Swift has also stepped in the ring with Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter and Errol Spence Jr. There are not many contemporary fighters who possess such a meaty resume.

Granted, if we are being honest, Garcia’s true glory days were lived back in the super lightweight division. Since moving up to welterweight, Swift has continued seeking and securing prizefights with the cream of the crop. Unfortunately for him, the Philly native has not been able to recreate his winning ways at 147. He has always made a good account of himself but has not won a truly major fight since campaigning in the division.


This extended dry spell has inspired thoughts of an exodus in Garcia’s head. There has never been a time when Swift has gotten out of hand complaining about making weight. Yet, perhaps if he didn’t have to shed the extra poundage, he would be a superior fighter at 154-pounds. It certainly seems like a sound idea to him, as he explained to Fight Hype.

[When questioned about Tony Harrison/Bryant Perrella fight] “Just to show you, dude [Perrella] who he [Harrison] fought was a 147 pound fighter who went up to 154 and looked way stronger and way better. That guy was a good fighter but he was never a top welterweight, you feel me?”

“He was never a champion and just by him moving up made him that much stronger and that much better. And I feel like, me, obviously I wouldn’t be the biggest guy at 154, coming from 140, 147 and 154. But my dream was always to be a three division champion, you feel me? So I feel like that is the next chapter in my career.”


Provided that Garcia is a stronger version of himself at super welterweight, then he would be a formidable addition. On the other hand however, what if his best days were only meant for 140? What if losing to the cream of the crop at 147 was merely a forecast of all his future fights with the elite?

While no one will deny that Garcia is a tremendous puncher, there is no denying that he didn’t have the same thump against the welters. Therefore it’s logical to speculate his power will not knock the socks off his 154-pound competition. Maybe it will, but maybe not. It’s also fair to believe that Swift gets greedily chewed up like a honey bun in a fat kid’s back molars.

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In the end, boxing is one dangerous and treacherous occupation to earn one’s bread and butter with. Thankfully, Garcia knew what he signed up for and understands the potential penalties. With that being said, it’s very unlikely that he will change his stripes and pursue bouts with less than top tier. This was evident in his willingness to go for unified super welterweight champion Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (34-1, 18 KO’s) near immediately. So let’s just wait and see what is in store for the next chapter of the Danny Garcia Show.

[When questioned about fighting Charlo] “I want to get my feet wet first. I would like to fight someone at 154 to get my feet wet and then ay, if they offer me that fight, I would take it! Yeah, I would fight him.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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