Ryan Garcia: “I Will Fuck Up Amir Khan!”

Ryan Garcia Fires Back at Amir Khan

Ryan Garcia and Amir Khan
Ryan Garcia (left), Amir Khan

Ryan Garcia Fires Back at Amir Khan

While conducting an interview with Fight Hype, former super lightweight champion Amir “King” Khan (34-5, 21 KO’s) was asked about a number of the up and coming fighters of the day. Amongst those names was Ryan “KingRy” Garcia (20-0, 17 KO’s).

On the topic of Garcia, Khan did admit that he was a good fighter with legitimate skills. However, Khan also felt that KingRy was not as fast as he thinks he is and that he was trying to be something that he was not. As could only be expected, upon hearing his statements, Garcia did not take very kindly to the sentiments at all.


After hearing what Khan had to say, Garcia turned around and submitted to his own interview with Fight Hype. Being young, confident and full of fire himself, KingRy did not pull any punches when giving his critique of Khan.

“I’m really going to be as nice as I can to Amir just because he seems like a good guy, but like he is literally delusional as fuck! He doesn’t know shit! Think about it right now, he had the same type of hand speed as me right? He was explosive, the thing that he didn’t have was the brains, he wasn’t smart. When he fought he just did dumb shit and he only relied on his speed.

“The one thing, I got speed and power, I got two things, and I got this [points to his head], and I’m a fucking beast at all aspects of boxing when it comes outside about everything. Like he just didn’t reach his full potential and [unintelligible] now he’s trying to act like something he is not.”


When looking at the potential budding beef between these two, most would think that Amir Khan would be a juicy name to put on Garcia’s resume. Sure, Khan will be well past his sell-by date, but he is still a talented fighter with a rather impressive resume himself.

Yet, obviously Garcia does not view him as being worthy of a professional fight. This becomes apparent when KingRy offered to beat King Khan up in a sparring match rather than a formal professional prizefight.

“He talked about me like he knew the person that I am. He was like, ‘oh Ryan is acting like something that he is not,’ but in the ring it shows who you truly are. So come spar me, we can do it low-key, but when you get back on the interview you better tell then what it is!

“I will fuck up Amir Khan! He can come in at 160, he cannot fuck with me at all, I will fucking hurt Amir Khan. Amir Khan was a pussy when he fought Terence Crawford, straight up! And every time he has a fighting chance, he quits! What the fuck is going on here?!”

Without question, there is no love lost here! It will be fun to see if this is as far as this goes or if the two will continue barking back and forth at one another. In either event, stay tuned to 3kingsboxing for all the latest boxing news and updates.

By: Bakari Simpson

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