Billy Joe Saunders Creates False COVID-19 Scare

Billy Joe Saunders' Sense Of Humor Strikes Again!

Billy Joe Saunders
Billy Joe Saunders

Billy Joe Saunders strikes again!

Wow! In this world, there are somethings that you just can’t make up. One of those items is WBO world super middleweight champion “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders’ (29-0, 14 KO’s) sense of humor. When it comes to contestants looking to be king of the unfunny jokes, you have the Joker’s Arthur Fleck, muppet baby Fozzie Bear, and then there is Billy Joe Saunders.

At the moment, Saunders is already a hot topic of conversation for all the wrong reasons.

Thinking it to be a real jolly idea, Superb took to his social media to give stressed out men a tutorial on how to knockout out their nagging female companions. As a result, Saunders was on the wrong end of a wave of global criticism. Furthermore, the BBB of C would ultimately suspend him over the action. The length of that suspension is still up in the air. Now Saunders is back in the news for a completely different bonehead move that actually predates the domestic abuse post.

However prior to the video, he showed his unsavory sense of humor in a more controversial manner.


After tricking a friend to show him his flight information, Billy Joe Saunders thought it would be a great and hilarious idea to call the airline and tell them his friend had COVID-19. That is exactly what Saunders did. Apparently he was not ready for his mate to leave and he thought this would be a fun way to get him to stay.

Naturally, when the airline fielded the phone call, they immediately kicked Saunders’ friend, boxer Josh Taylor and Tyson Fury’s former chief second Ben Davison, off plane and held them for questioning. Before too much time elapsed, it was determined that the men did not have the virus. It was also determined that the trio of men were not in on the ruse, as was initially the case.

“Just wanted to clear a couple of issues up that I’ve seen flying around social media today. One of my best mates was in camp with me, supposed to fly back with me yesterday. He didn’t fly back because he felt a little bit poorly. [He] woke up this morning in a bit worse of a position. Anyway, he made his decision to go back and I didn’t want him to go back.

“He was going with Ben Davison and stablemate Josh Taylor, and anyway they pulled him off the flight once I made them aware. He had his tests and thank God he didn’t have coronavirus.

“It is nothing to be laughed at. A member of my family has been diagnosed with it in the last 24 hours, but once the seriousness was gone and I knew he didn’t have it, it then became a bit of a joke that he missed his flight.”

“I am very embarrassed about laughing about that. Among friends it is okay, but it is getting out to the public’s ears and I just want to apologize to the public if it has offended you.”

Billy Joe Saunders – WBO Super Middleweight Champion


Since the terrible joke exploded in everyone’s face, the incident has gone viral. Following, Saunders found himself yet again making more mass apologies for his tasteless brand of humor. Although, if the only repercussion from this is making a public statement then Superb should count himself lucky. This could have easily been viewed as him making terroristic threats or trying to incite public panic. Either would amount to an actual crime.

If anyone on Earth needs their phone taken away and to forced to sit the hell down somewhere, it’s most certainly Billy Joe Saunders.

“Well done Billy Joe, your plan worked. We’re not on the flight now. We’re in serious trouble bruv. So thanks for that. Me, Ben and Josh pulled off the plane. We may be getting a 24-hour holding because they think we’ve got [coronavirus].

“They said it’s not a laughing matter. Now we’re under severe scrutiny because Delta take it very f***ing seriously. They’re not impressed with us – they think we were in on it!”

Friend of Billy Joe Saunders

By: Bakari Simpson

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