Groves Says He’s A Fast Healer

Groves hopes to be ready by June

WBA super-middleweight champion George Groves was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary hospital moments after his unanimous points win over Chris Eubank Jr.

The 29-year-old was practically fighting with just one arm for the last couple of minutes of the Ali Trophy semi-final at the Manchester Arena.

After attempting to throw a left jab, it became clear that his shoulder had popped out of place.

“The left shoulder just popped out in the 12th round,” said Groves. “The medical advice was to go straight to the A&E and have a look. They gave me a few X-rays and put it back in. I will get a few more scans and see a specialist and I we will look to see what the recovery time is. I have no pain now, I’m sure that is a good sign.”

The Ali Trophy super-middleweight finalist feels confident the injury will not affect his preparations for the final.

“I’m a fast healer. I broke my jaw in May and I was back training soon after. I have fought two times since then. I keep myself in shape, I live a clean life and it all aids to recovery time. The final is fast approaching and that is exciting for me so my body will re-heal fast. I’m in a confident frame of mind,” said Groves with a smile the day after Saturday’s dramatic fight.

“I was levels above Eubank in terms of boxing ability. Junior just felt short.”

The finals are expected to be held June 2nd at the O2 Arena. Kalle Sauerland said that should Groves be unable to fight by then they would look at fighter’s that have lost in the WBSS or another available champion in the division.

By: Chris Henderson