Devin Haney: “Tank Should Focus On What He’s Doing, Not On Me”

Devin Haney feels that Tank should worry about himself

Devin Haney (left), Gervonta Davis
Devin Haney (left), Gervonta Davis

Devin Haney feels that Tank should worry about himself

Boxing is making a strong comeback in the second half of the year in the fight against COVID-19. Now, the internet is flaming like meat on a barbeque grill during Memorial Day weekend. Both fighters and fans are amped up and ready for the sport to resume after a two-month hostage takeover.

This also means that old beef and rivalries will rise. Those ugly heads will provide plenty of drama and just like a crash on the expressway, everyone slows down to see what happened. Social media did just that when a video of retired pound for pound fighter Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. surfaced of him training WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (24-0, 15ko).

It created a whirlwind of traffic all over every social media platform. The reason why such a stir occurred is because Mayweather promotes WBA “regular” champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (23-0, 22ko), and Devin Haney could be a potential future opponent for Tank.

Furthermore, The Dream has called out Tank for a fight just last year. They have a deep history of disdain and some may feel that perhaps the Money Man was a little out of bounds. Moreover, Tank certainly felt it was an act of betrayal taking to social media to calling out both the WBC champion and his promoter to a fight.


Recently the WBC champion spoke with iFL TV, and offered little advice for the Baltimore champion.

“I’ve seen some of the comments that he made, but at the end of the day I just feel like he should worry about himself. I mean, what I’m doing should have nothing to do with him. What me and Floyd have going on, that has nothing to do with him.”

“We don’t talk about him, we don’t have nothing to do with him. Actually, I knew Floyd before Gervonta even knew Floyd so our relationship goes on many years. I first met Floyd when I was 9-years-old.”

“At the end of the day, he feels the way he feels. He feels like we both ops so be it. The end of the day, that’s not my focus. He has a fight next with Leo Santa Cruz, so he should focus on him and what he’s doing.”

By: Garrisson Bland

Garrisson Bland - Head of Public Relations/Senior Journalist. Garrisson is the Head of Public relations for as well as a senior writer. He is also the host of YouTube boxing show "Truth And Facts Sports Talk."