Hanna Gabriels Wants In On Open Challenge From Shields!

Gabriels Remains Persistent in Pursuit of a Shields Rematch!

Hanna Gabriels targets a fight with Claressa Shields
Hanna Gabriels responds to an open challenge from Claressa Shields (credit: Twitter)

Hanna Gabriels Anxious to Prove She Can Whoop Claressa Shields

It’s been six years since middleweight fighter Hanna “La Amazona Black” Gabriels (21-2-1, 12 KO’s) suffered a unanimous decision loss to Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (14-0, 2 KO’s). Unsurprisingly, Gabriels has pursued a rematch with the undisputed middleweight champion ever since. Now, after a mild publicity stunt, La Amazona Black is reasserting her claim to a fight.

This new blitz transpired after Shields took to her social media to offer $100,000 to any street tough woman or formally trained boxer who could beat her in the ring. Having seen this challenge, Gabriels wasted little time in trying to secure the bout for herself. Due to being blocked by Shields, La Amazona Black got in touch with ThaBoxingVoice to function as a sounding board for her desire to rumble.

Although, the two were slated to face off against one another last June 3. Well, that was before Gabriels popped dirty for the performance enhancing drug Clostebol. La Amazona Black would reason that the drug got in her system through a medical cream she used on her dog who recently had a C-section. Shields was having none of it and blocked Gabriels on social media.


At this time, it is unclear if Shields will accept, or is even aware of, the fresh challenge. One element that is certainly not in her favor is the fact that Gabriels has not staged a fight in over three years. In fact, that TKO win over Martha Patricia Gayton was her only fight in the last five years.

Obviously, this huge gap in activity will almost certainly be accompanied by ring rust. Aside from the would-be impaired mechanics, Gabriels has fallen out of the major rankings and off the radar of most fans. Making a claim for this overly stale rivalry would not likely be the easiest sell to the public. The naked animosity that the two hold for one another certainly won’t help grease the wheel of any negotiations either!

So, let’s sit tight and see what comes next for Shields. Also, if Gabriels is serious about a duel with T-Rex, whether she gets the fight next or not, La Amazona Black needs to get back in the ring!

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