Davis Wants Berinchyk: “Congrats Champ! Send Me A Contract!”

Will Berinchyk Entertain a Fight With Keyshawn Davis?

Keyshawn Davis calls out Denys Berinchyk for a lightweight title bout
Keyshawn Davis (credit: Instagram) targets WBO lightweight champion Denys Berinchyk

Keyshawn Davis Aims for Title Bout With Denys Berinchyk

In his last tour of duty, Ukrainian boxer Denys Berinchyk (19-0, 9 KO’s) notched the biggest win of his professional career. In that contest, Berinchyk was able to outmaneuver and out-point the heavy-handed Emanuel Navarrete en route to a split decision victory. As the winner, Berinchyk walked away with the vacant WBO 135-pound title. Naturally, this distinctive win, along with the title, has slapped a major bounty on Berinchyk’s head. One of the first fighters stepping up to collect this is lightweight contender Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (10-0, 7 KO’s). Davis publicly expressed his interest in the duel by calling the Ukrainian out via his social media.


It will be revealing to see how Berinchyk responds to the call-out, if he does at all. During the post-fight interview, Berinchyk let it be known that he would like to dance with WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson. This potential fight is far from a new one, though.

It also doesn’t require a brain surgeon’s mental acumen to realize a unification match holds more weight than a mere title defense. Especially when defending against someone still making their own name. At the same time however, there are a few moving parts that need to be taken into consideration.


To begin, Stevenson has a scheduled title defense versus Artem Harutyuyan, ranked #6 (WBC), set for July 6. Obviously, not only would Stevenson still have to win this match, he needs to emerge uninjured to be available for the Berinchyk unification. Likewise, Keyshawn Davis is fighting on the same day and same card as Stevenson, only he will be facing Miguel Madueno, ranked #6 (WBO) and #12 WBO.

As it is with boxing, both Davis and Stevenson could befall any number of calamities in the ring that could invalidate their availability for a quick turn-around fight. Therefore, in the meantime, we just have to wait until July 6 before truly resuming dreaming up the ideal matches in this increasingly diversifying division.

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