Hearn: “The Absolute Next Fight Should Be A Harper v Jonas Rematch”

Eddie Hearn supports Harper vs Jonas rematch

Eddie Hearn (center) with Terri Harper (R) and Natasha Jonas prior to their August 2020 title match
Eddie Hearn (center) with Terri Harper (R) and Natasha Jonas | Credit: Mark Robinson

Eddie Hearn supports Harper vs Jonas rematch

The August 7 DAZN bout featuring WBC and IBO junior lightweight champion Terri Harper (10-0-1, 5ko) and first-time title challenger Natasha Jonas (9-1-1, 7ko) made a mark on the boxing community.

Although the fight ended in a draw, immediately following the contest was a call for a rematch. In a situation like this, there is only one thing to do: run it back. Fortunately, it looks like all parties are on board with that plan.

British Promoter Eddie Hearn also believes that a rematch is in order. He expressed those sentiments when Boxing Social caught up with him.

“I did feel that if anyone was gonna get the win, it was going to be Natasha.”

“I wouldn’t say – Natasha unlucky not to get the win, yeah maybe, maybe. You know, was Terri fortunate to get the draw? Maybe, I don’t know.”

“Some people talk about you gotta rip the belt from the champion and stuff like that, I am not sure I necessarily agree with that… if you win the fight, you win the fight.”

“I don’t think a lot of people can argue with a draw but I think if most people are gonna have to pick a winner perhaps Natasha Jonas got the nod.”

Now, keep in mind the brash British promoter has a lot invested in Harper. Her next mandatory is IBO ranked Katharina Thanderz (13, 0, 2ko). However, Hearn acknowledged that until the dust settles around that fight, the only logical thing to do is to look towards a rematch.

“For me, the absolute next fight should be the rematch. You know we have to see that fight again… Jonas has to get her opportunity again and two it was an unbelievable fight.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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