Ennis To Blair Cobbs After Altercation: “You’ll Get Hurt In This Business!”

Jaron Ennis Laughs Off Blair Cobbs' Warning!

Welterweight boxer Jaron Ennis, Blair Cobbs yelling
Jaron Ennis (left), Blair Cobbs

Jaron Ennis Casually Dismisses Blair Cobbs as an Opponent

Whether a fan of the holiday or not, the Halloween weekend of 2021 was a great one for welterweight boxer Jaron “Boots” Ennis (28-0, 26 KO’s). This was because in his biggest fight to date, Ennis put Thomas Dulorme down twice en route to a first round knockout. Even before Ennis had a chance to tuck away Dulorme’s sheared scalp, he was already being asked about who was next on the menu.

Ranked #3 (IBF), #5 (WBO), #5 (WBA) and #8 (WBC), Jaron Ennis is strategically positioned to obtain a number of juicy showdowns. If given his way, Ennis would love to fight any of the belt holding champions or the top names in the division.

Yet, just as he has affixed crosshairs on the back of a number of potential opponents, Boots is already a targeted man himself. This is precisely why Blair “The Flair” Cobbs (15-0-1, 10 KO’s) wasted no time calling the Philly fighter out before he could even leave the arena of his latest victory. Still riding high off his performance, Boots was both nonchalant and straight to the point in his response to Cobbs, as captured by Fight Hype.

“He already know though, he already know he gets cooked! This ain’t wrestling, you going to get hurt in this business!”


Cobbs is certainly one of the more colorful additions to the division. He has crafted a persona around his version of wrestling royalty Ric Flair. Blair Cobbs is notorious for punctuating a great deal of talking points with the iconic “wooo!” The shtick is hilarious to some and akin to nails on a chart board to others. Trained by the famed Freddie Roach and moved by Golden Boy Promotions, Cobbs has enjoyed a measure of notoriety. He’s even notched a handful of televised performances.

The million dollar question that remains though is can the eccentric southpaw match wits with the blue chip contender? There is no lack of individuals who would emphatically say “no!” This group would happily highlight Flair’s conspicuous absence from the top 15 of every major sanctioning body.

His choppy southpaw style is still clearly undergoing development. Even worse, his porous defense leaves him eating clean shots in virtually every outing. This was even the case during his June 19 showing against 38-year-old Brad Solomon.


Therefore, from the outside looking in, it appears that Boots would rip through Cobbs like Kruger’s murderous right glove would sleepy teens on Elm Street. Then again, how many countless fighters have been written off only to go on to own the last laugh? There is no doubt Ennis versus Cobbs is certainly a long shot.

No one is calling for it, their promotional outfits are far from chummy, and Boots is in a dominant position to secure marquee fights. In this light, the Flair brings so little to the table that it’s hard to envision it taking place. Yet, who knows? Perhaps Cobbs and crew will wish on the right twinkling star and he gets his day in court with Ennis. Stranger things have happened. In this meantime though, this probably is and will only ever be an entertaining session of well-meaning jaw jacking.

By: Bakari Simpson

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