Jones Jr On Tyson: “I Never Looked Like A Coward My Whole Career!”

Roy Jones Jr says Mike Tyson Is His Last Fight

Roy Jones Jr
Roy Jones Jr

Roy Jones Jr says Mike Tyson Is His Last Fight

By now, the majority of the civilized world knows that former world champions Roy Jones Jr. (66-9, 47 KO’s) and “Iron” Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KO’s) are set to rumble in an exhibition on September 12. It is also equally acknowledged that countless fight fans are scared for the overall health and well-being of Jones Jr.

These concerns stem from the five knockout losses that Jones has suffered in the latter half of his career. All of these stoppages were hard to watch and even harder to forget. This was especially the case in his December 12, 2015 fight when the gifted boxer fell to the canvas like Enzo Maccarinelli (41-8, 33 KO’s) shot him rather than punched him.


Jones Jr has heard these criticisms and concerns but pays them little mind. He is a man controlled by his own heart and desires and at the present moment, he wants to validate his internal courage by accepting this latest challenge. In an interview with Fight Hub TV, the native Floridian gave a bit more insight into his stance on the matter.

“It’s something called heart. So when you got a heart and you a winner, and you always want to win, you can retire but that [heart] don’t stop. So anybody can call me and I’ll be like ‘whatever’. Mike Tyson, I can’t say no! There were people praying that he would call and say, ‘I’ll fight you,’ and I got the call!

You know how that looks if I turn it down? What I look like? I never looked like a coward my whole career, I’m going to run from Mike Tyson because he big? No! I’m going to run to him! I don’t run from nobody!”


Even though he is taking the fight and can’t be talked out it, Jones Jr does understand the reservation that many have. In fact, he never thought about getting in the ring again following his last professional match against Scott “Cujo” Sigmon (34-14-1, 17 KO’s) on February 8, 2018. Yet, just because he has accepted this duel does not mean is thinking about a greater comeback.

“Of course that is going to be my last fight. I meant it last time but I didn’t know Mike Tyson was going to challenge me! I wasn’t thinking about fighting at all until I found out it was Mike Tyson, that and I just couldn’t say no!”

Hopefully, Roy Jones Jr is both true to his word and safe in his upcoming assignment. However, we all will simply have to wait and see how it all plays out live and on pay-per-view.

By: Bakari Simpson

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