PED Scandal Could Bleed Ryan Garcia’s Pocketbook Dry!

Ryan Garcia To Enter Legal Battles Following PED Scandal!

Ryan Garcia could lose his fortune over his PED scandal
Ryan Garcia to enter legal battles following PED scandal (credit: Instagram @kingryan)

Will Ryan Garcia’s Fortune Survive his Recent PED Scandal?

In his last match, versus WBC 140-pound champion Devin Haney, junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20 KO’s) was flagged for the banned substance Ostarine. And now that his B-sample has popped hot, Garcia appears to be in for a world of legal hurt. Among those angry and hungry for retribution is Bill Haney, father, manager and chief second to Devin Haney.

Before Bill Haney can sink his teeth in however, it is all but a guarantee that the New York Athletic commission will suspend Garcia for some measure of time. Considering his popularity and looking at similar suspensions however, it’s unlikely that King Ry will get a long punishment. Financially speaking however, Garcia may have a far greater price to pay.


During the build-up to the fight with Haney, and since its conclusion, King Ry has remained a raging waterfall of vulgarities, conspiracy theories, threats, boastful claims and slander. Once flagged, the wildly popular fighter pointed a conspiratorial finger at a natural supplement company, Team Haney, Victor Conte and SNAC, promoter Eddie Hearn and the anti-doping agency VADA.

Now that the burden of proving his own innocence is firmly affixed to his shoulders however, Garcia seems to be short on actual scientific answers or proof. If King Ry continues to fail to be able to illustrate how this grand conspiracy came together, his bank account may eat the next big left hook.


Outside of the boxing personalities that Garcia has run afoul of, King Ry also applied his besmirching tongue to Logan Paul and his Prime energy drink. Having become caught in a minor feud with Paul, Garcia told his millions of followers on several occasions how horrible tasting and potentially lethally unhealthy the product was.

As a result, Paul has levied a formal defamation lawsuit against Ryan Garcia. In a recent Q&A with Mill City Boxing, Bill Haney stated that Team Haney will certainly be taking Garcia to court seeking legal damages. Will this line of two legal aggressors stick and stay, or will Haney and Paul just represent the first seeking their pound of flesh? And if they win, how much will it cost Garcia?

“We are not cheating to be us and we don’t represent that. Old boy done got caught and I think its a due diligence and a responsibility that we don’t just overlook it and just say, ‘it’s just cool’. Because he thinks that . . . the magnitude of his star power will allow him to create a narrative that its okay to now cheat. He already said he would want a steroid league . . . so we are going to pursue legal damages, for sure!”

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