Kambosos: “Haney Stutters A Lot. It’ll Be Worse After I Beat Him!”

George Kambosos Plans to Deliver Ring Damage to Devin Haney!

George Kambosos Jr. trash-talks Devin Haney
George Kambosos Jr. trash-talks Devin Haney

George Kambosos Believes Devin Haney is Stuttering Due to In-ring Damage

On June 5, WBA Super, IBF and WBO lightweight champion “Ferocious” George Kambosos (20-0, 10 KO’s) will defend this trio of titles against Devin “The Dream” Haney (27-0, 15 KO’s). The fight will determine the undisputed champion of the division, which is the specific distinction that Haney has been chasing for some time.

To be accurate, The Dream has stalked the belts ever since they hung around the hips of Teofimo Lopez. That was before Kambosos traveled from his native Australia to Lopez’s New York backyard and snatched the belts in the legendary Madison Square Garden. Now, Ferocious says that Haney is next on his hit list. In this upcoming prizefight though, Kambosos believes that The Dream will suffer much more than just a loss on his record.


In the profession of boxing, it is widely known that fighters are required to put their lives on the line in order to participate in the sport. Along this same line of logic, it’s widely accepted that there is a high probability for the immense physical toll to manifest in anything from bad hands, long term headaches, memory loss and all sort of other brain and bodily maladies.

While conducting a recent interview with Fight Hype, Kambosos admitted that he felt that Haney was already exhibiting some troubling signs of wear and tear. The unified champion bases his theory upon what he believes to be Haney’s chronic stuttering. Rather than show inherent compassion at the situation, Ferocious is aiming to exploit the chink in the armor. In fact, Kambosos feels that once he puts his paws on The Dream, his budding linguistic troubles will only deepen and compound.

“He stutters a lot for a guy that is supposed to be this defensive kind of guy. That stuttering is not a good sign! You see me, I never stutter. I’m always very sharp with what I say and it’s not a good sign. After this fight, the beating that I am preparing to lash out, it’s going to be worse!”


In the end however, Kambosos knows that when all the speculation and jaw-jacking are put aside, the only meaningful outcome will transpire in the ring. Luckily for him, Ferocious believes that half of his task has already been completed. Now, we’ll just have to wait until June 5 to see if he is actually correct.

“We got a job to do in the ring, and as much talk as we want to do, he’ll talk, I’ll talk, I’ll break him down before the fight. I know that I will, I already have. But we’ll do the business in the ring. That’s where the talking is and we saw in the Lopez fight. He talked, and I talked a hell of a lot too, but he talked a little bit stupid as well, things that didn’t make sense and I put a beating of a lifetime on him.”

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