Keyshawn Davis: “They Want To Suspend Me?! Fuck Em!”

Davis Refuses to Fold in the Face of Boxing's Marijuana Policies

Keyshawn Davis unfazed by threats of suspension
Keyshawn Davis unfazed by threats of suspension | Instagram

Keyshawn Davis Unfazed by Threats of Suspension

Following his latest session of combat on the canvas, versus Mahir Albright, lightweight contender Keyshawn “The Businessman” Davis (9-0, 6 KO’s) was reprimanded. As punishment for being flagged for marijuana, the Texas commission swapped the previous majority decision win, to a ‘no contest.’

Right from the gate, Davis was both brazen and openly committed to his continued indulgence of the growing cash crop. Now, The Businessman has taken to his social media once again to voice his confusion and indignation with the situation.

“I got suspended in school all the time, you think I give a fuck about getting suspended in boxing? Y’all crazy . . . They want to suspend me? Fuck ’em! Bro, nobody fight never got taken away for no PED’s, for nothing. A fight never got taken away in boxing history! Why did they make me an example?”


While he is certainly speaking from the heart when giving his opinion, Davis is very incorrect about fight decisions never being overturned in boxing history. In 2017, in Nevada, super bantamweight Guillermo Rigeondeaux had his first-round knockout win over Moises Flores reviewed, deemed an illegal blow and later reclassified as a ‘no contest.’

In 2011, in California, light heavyweight Chad Dawson had his second round TKO victory over Bernard Hopkins to a ‘no contest.’ Here a shoulder shove, which led to a Hopkins injury, was the rationale behind the decision. Lastly, in 2000, in Michigan, Mike Tyson had his second round TKO over Andrew Golata transformed into a ‘no contest’ after being flagged for marijuana.


Despite his being wrong in terms of a fight never being overturned, he’s remaining correct that he’ll remain unrepentant!

“Bro, I’m the only athlete that acknowledged that shit on social media! What boxer y’all know that keeping it a buck like that on social media? And still don’t give a fuck!”

Sure, the country is increasingly accepting the use of marijuana both, recreationally and medically. This is true. Regardless, marijuana is not permitted in boxing at this time. This is also true.

So once again, we’ll have to wait and see if The Businessman’s recreational pastime muddies up the timeline of his career any further. Let’s just hope this is not the case. In any event, 3Kings Boxing will be here to talk about all things boxing!

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