Wilder on Ortiz: “Everything is Against Him!”

Deontay Wilder Ready TO Inflict Pain On Luis Ortiz Again!

Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz
Deontay Wilder (left) and Luis Ortiz

Deontay Wilder: “I Have All the Advantages!”

On November 23, WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KO’s) will rematch Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (31-1, 26 KO’s). It’s a highly dangerous voluntary defense based solely on pride, respect and ambition. The prizefight goes a long way to illustrate the type of champion Wilder is setting out to be.


With one punch, the feisty Alabaman can lose his belt quicker than a kid could be get wet at the pool. He came real close to doing just that in their premiere skirmish. If Wilder were to be defeated, there’d certainly be a detrimental domino effect.

First and foremost, the lucrative Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (29-0-1, 20 KO’s) rematch looming in the background goes up in smoke. So would the opportunity to face the winner of Andy Ruiz v Anthony Joshua 2. Even with these high stakes, the energy-loving fighter is not sweating Ortiz.

For his money, outside of coming in with better wind, Wilder doesn’t see how King Kong can significantly improve from their initial dust-up. Based on this personal boxing diagnostic, the Bronze Bomber feels as though he’s holding all the cards. This is exactly what he told the panel of a recent installment of PBC on FOX.

“Coming into this rematch I think that everything is for me and everything is against him because of the factors. Number one, again, I had the flu and anybody that had the flu before knows you are ultimately weak.

“[…] it’s a lot of things that are going for me and against him psychologically.”


The WBC heavyweight champion is well documented for his desires to maim and maul his opponents. Likewise, he wants knock Ortiz smooth out! With King Kong, however, beyond wanting to prove his physical might in the squared-circle, Wilder is seeking to display a bit of class.

Having long recognized his skill, Wilder was shocked that year after year no other top fighter would face him. Wilder empathized with Ortiz’ dilemma. This is why their November rumble is just as much about claiming a crown as it is reaffirming a sense of fighting for honor’s sake and not solely politics and paydays.

“It kind of amazes why no one gave him the opportunity. Especially at the top five or top ten. Everyone would say he is old, but we know what business we in. This is the hurt business. When did we care about age?”


In the end, Wilder is simply one complex person just as all fighters are. From our couches, chairs and recliners it’s easy to pigeonhole boxers as one-dimensional athletes whose primary purposes is devastation. Yet, just as Wilder is known for his rough and raw pre-fight banter, he is equally known for his well-wishing of all fighters.

So it could only be in the wacky world of boxing, Wilder will try to violently knockout King Kong Ortiz…and all because he really truly likes him! Fun stuff!

“I think it’s just being a fighter. It comes with being a fighter to enjoy what you do. If I didn’t enjoy what I did then I wouldn’t be here. If I felt a certain type of way about what type of punishment I put on my opponent I wouldn’t be here because my feelings would get involved.

“My job is to apply as much pain as possible and I love it!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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