McCarthy On Billam-Smith: “He’s Nothing Special, He Is Not Ready”

Tommy McCarthy looking to smash Chris Billiam-Smith to bits!

EBU European cruiserweight champion Tommy McCarthy and Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Chris Billam-Smith face-off
Tommy McCarthy and Chris Billam-Smith face-off | Credit: Matchroom Boxing

Tommy McCarthy looking to smash Chris Billiam-Smith to bits!

At points in the past, EBU European cruiserweight champion Tommy “Mac Attack” McCarthy (18-2, 9 KO’s) and Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Chris “The Gentleman” Billam-Smith (12-1, 10 KO’s) have traded words. Such is only natural for rivals in the same division. Yet, with the fight signed and so close at hand, McCarthy is beyond talking. All the UK fighter wants to do is get in the ring and blacken Billam-Smith’s eyes.

When they do meet to test their might, McCarthy believes that The Gentleman will be well out of his league. When last in the squared-circle, Mac Attack easily dismantled Alexandru Jur en route to a sixth round stoppage. He doesn’t see things being drastically different on July 31. Presently McCarthy is ranked #3 (WBA), #4 (IBF), #6 (WBC) and #15 (WBO). To his credit, the Chris Billam-Smith is ranked #4 (WBA), #9 (IBF) and #13 (WBC).


In a recent interview with IFL TV, McCarthy explained his feelings at greater length.

“He’s good, that’s how I rate him. Not above good, I feel like he’s been well-matched so that gives him the appearance of being better than what he is. He’s good, like he does the basic boxing but he’s nothing special, nothing exceptional… I think it’s a massive jump for him and one I believe that his team has pushed him into! I think Chris deep down knows that he is not ready for such a massive jump.”


Just as much as fighters compete for the glory of conquest, they also fight to put food on their tables. Following the latter motivation, Mac Attack is the most excited by this bout because it represents a brighter future for him and his family.

“For me, this is a life-changing fight. You know let’s be honest, it’s the road to having a comfortable life, the life for my wife and kids and to achieving my dreams. Because I am #3 with the WBA, Billam-Smith is #4 with the WBA, so the winner of this fight will definitely go on to fight for a world title. And I am ranked with the other bodies too, #4 with the IBF, #6 WBC. So I win this, I’ll probably move to #1 across the board. So this fight is very important. The belts are great to have and it’s great for your legacy and reputation but it’s bigger than the belts, this fight.”

While it’s clear that McCarthy is bristling with confidence, he still has to get in the ring and make good on his word. If he is able to, then he is one step closer to that dream life of his. If not, horrible crushing reality will redirect his course in life in another direction. Regardless of who prevails, 3kingsboxing will be there to report the aftermath!

By: Bakari Simpson

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