Raquel Miller to Claressa Shields: “I Will Humbly Whoop Yo Ass!”

Raquel Miller is Itching To Get a Piece Of Claressa Shields

Raquel Miller (left) and Claressa Shields (right).

Raquel Miller’s hunt for a Claressa Shields fight continues!

Ever since their amateur days, there has been a simmering rivalry between Women’s Undisputed World Middleweight Champion Claressa Shields (9-0, 2 KO’s) and Middleweight contender Raquel Miller (9-0), 4 KO’s.

As professionals, it has turned into a full scale beef as over the years. Both ladies have traded verbal and social media shots towards each other. It is worth noting that when we previously published the article below, Shields contacted us via social media to state she never had a problem with Miller. Moreover, the latter only has an issue with her because she beat her multiple times in the amateurs!

Claressa Shields and Raquel Miller: A Longstanding Beef!

Nevertheless, their ongoing tension has resurfaced once again with Shields this time throwing the first salvo and Miller taking time to clap-back.

At ringside for the October 27 Shakur Stevenson vs Joet Gonzalez WBO title bout, Shields was asked by Champside about her future. When Raquel’s name came up, the champ said she is willing, but under certain conditions.

“What about her. Does she have a belt? She gotta bring something to the table except a loud mouth!”

When asked if there was a $2 million offer on the table to fight Miller, Shields response was she would fight anyone for that amount. She then re-directed her comments back at Miller claiming she would fight her for two pennies!

The 34-year old from San Francisco got word about what was said and took to multiple social media accounts to respond. In her view, she sees an obvious contradiction.

Raquel Miller Responds on Twitter
Raquel Miller Responds on Twitter


Raquel Miller Responds on Instagram
Raquel Miller Responds on Instagram

In her mind, if the match can happen that easily, why is attaining a belt being used as a precondition?

For Shields, to state her rival needs to bring a belt to the table makes it less likely for the fight to take place. Furthermore the irony is, one of the biggest barriers holding Miller back in her career is the inability to land a world title.

This is a fight that is a natural! One of the best fights in women’s boxing. Will it happen? Sadly, not anytime soon. For the fighter who calls herself GWOAT, if it doesn’t make money it just doesn’t make sense!

By: Michael Wilson Jr

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