Raquel Miller Responds To Hanna Gabriels: “I’ll Tune Yo Ass Up!”

Raquel Miller Responds To Being Called A "Tune-Up!"

Raquel Miller (left), Hanna Gabriels
Raquel Miller (left), Hanna Gabriels

Raquel Miller claps back at Hanna Gabriels

There is nice mini-tournament that is brewing at the woman’s junior middleweight division involving WBA Interim champion Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller (10-0, 4ko), IBF champion Marie Eve-Dicaire (17-0), WBA champion Hanna “La Amazona” Gabriels (19-2-2, 11ko) and unified champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (10-0, 2ko).

It seems that things are about to heat up. Especially considering the history of all parties involved. Once boxing resumes, expect these women to get it on!


The unified champion was on track to face the IBF champion before the current COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. This would put a hold on the former two-time Olympic gold medalist goal of becoming an undisputed champion in two weight divisions.

The Interim champion has been chasing that “big boy strap” for quite some time. For her part, Miller is very eager to get it on with any of the current champions. However, there has been a long ongoing beef between Pretty Beast, and the unified champion that can be traced back to their amateur days.

On several occasions, Miller has shown that when it comes to getting that smoke, she has not an ounce of fear at all in telling Shields that a butt whooping is in the cards. Moreover, she proved her commitment by going down to the junior middleweight division to capture the Interim title, placing her directly in the mix.

Lastly, this brings us to the WBA champion. Gabriels also has a history with the self-proclaimed G.W.O.A.T. The Costa Rican would agree to move up to middleweight to face Shields back in 2018. Furthermore, she holds the distinction of being the only fighter to have knocked the unified champion down in a professional bout.

Although La Amazona would lose via unanimous decision, the opportunity of avenging that loss is in sight with T-Rex holding belts in her home division.

So as you can see, the common denominator in all of this is Shields.


Recently during an interview with 3kingsboxing.com, the WBA champion revealed that she is back from her injury and is ready to go. She also made it clear of wanting a fight with either Shields or Miller.

Now, this is where it gets really good.

When asked about a tune-up fight before jumping back into the fire, the WBA champion believes that a fight with the Interim champion is a tune-up. As you can imagine, this exploded and with fighters on lock-down during this pandemic, they are all watching like a hawk when it comes to social media.

T-Rex was right on cue and didn’t hesitate to take a shot at her rival.

Claressa Shields trolls Raquel Miller over social media
Claressa Shields trolls Raquel Miller.

However, just like the nickname says, Pretty Beast wasted little time in clapping back beast mode style.

Raquel Miller responds to Hanna Gabriels and Claressa Shields
Raquel Miller responds to Hanna Gabriels and Claressa Shields

By: Garrisson Bland

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