Navarrete vs Valdez Card: Navarrete Dominates Valdez; Delgado Shines!

Emaunel Navarrete Easily Passes The Oscar Valdez Test!

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Emanuel Navarrete Puts Major Damage On Oscar Valdez!

EMANUEL NAVARRETE VS OSCAR VALDEZ – Reigning WBO junior lightweight champion Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete (38-1, 31KO) met Mexican rival and two-divisional champ Oscar Valdez (31-2, 23KO) for the second defense of his title.

Vaquero is known for his awkwardness that has given his last 32 opponents major trouble and led him to becoming a three-division champion. This aspect of the champion’s style coupled with the six-inch reach advantage and volume had Valdez getting outclassed early on. The former champion stayed on the defensive and loaded up on every shot with poor accuracy.

Valdez made an adjustment in the middle rounds that saw him land the same left hook the destroyed former WBC champ Miguel Berchelt. However, Navarrete seemed un-phased which was very bad news for the former champ as none of his shots slowed down the aggression and volume of Navarrete. Valdez’ face showed the damage as his right eye began to close.

Then by round nine, the champ seemed to hold back on throwing right hands. Instead, he pawed with the left while constantly shaking the right. This is indicative of a fighter suffering a hand injury. Valdez took full advantage and went on attack mode. Although, he did his best work in the fight, Navarrete returned in the tenth as if he was never injured. His dominance would continue to the final bell, while Valdez’ eye looked as if he had been in two fights!

Navarrete would get the nod for his second title defense with wide scores of 119-109, 118-110 and 116-112. 3Kings Boxing had it 117-111 for the champ. Vaquero moves on to bigger and better opportunities with a big win under his belt!


Undefeated prospect Lindolfo Delgado (18-0, 13KO) got the call for his bout with Jair Valtierra (16-3, 8KO) to be televised after another top prospect, Raymond Muratalla had to step down due to injury.

While the opportunity to be the co-main event for Emmanuel Navarrete vs Oscar Valdez was appreciated by Delgado, the fans eventually did not approve. Spectators showed their disproval of the lack of action with waves of “boos” throughout.

Delgado is a natural counter-puncher who can walk his opponent down if needed. Valtierra is a boxer that uses a lot of lateral movement and can fight off the back-foot. Given this clash in styles, the fight had a slow pace throughout. Regardless, Delgado was able to show the difference in ring I.Q. By the middle rounds, he adapted to his opponent’s tendencies and punished him with accurate counters.

Valtierra has good footwork and pressed the action behind his jab. Problem was, he didn’t mix up his attack. Once Delgado adjusted, he never did. Therefore, his opponent had no problem taking over the fight and keeping control.

After ten rounds, Delgado took home a decision by the scores of 98-92 and 99-91 twice. While the crowd may disagree, the undefeated prospect had a good performance and showed how intelligent of a fighter he is.


2020 Olympic silver medalist, Richard “Kiki” Torrez Jr (6-0, 6KO) did what was expected against 40 year-old, glassed-chin challenger Willie Jake Jr (11-4-2, 3KO).

Torrez mentioned in a pre-fight interview that he wanted to show his boxing ability. However, Jake was more than willing to give him an opportunity to get an early knockout as he applied relentless sloppy aggression. Torrez obliged and it wasn’t long before Jake was on the canvas.

The older pugilist made the count, but fell into a barrage of non-stop punches while sitting on the ropes. The referee wisely stepped in as Jake fell to the canvas. This was another easy night for Torrez, although, fans didn’t get a chance to see his “boxing ability” as planned.

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