No Excuses Means Just That

Excuses.. Excuses… Excuses….

Saturdaynight we saw two of the top skilled guys in the sport fight. It was a fight that was being looked at as an historical event. In fact, as reported, the gloves of both men was going to be placed in the IBHOF, the highest honor any fighter can achieve The fight sold out months before the actual event itself.

GuillermoRigondeauxhounded and tweeted away at Vasyl Lomachenko for months to gain major public interest and pressure to make this fight. Then finally it after it was made he tweeted, I asked for this fight NO EXCUSES….. However at the end of the night after QUITTING in his corner he gave just that, an EXCUSE…..

Rigondeaux,who has a style that isn’t fan friendly,has been plagued with promotional issues and inactivitymostly cause of his own decisions. Hehad a chance to show MILLIONS of viewers why they should watch himbut he didn’t show up.Rigondeaux,who said unlike Walters I won’t QUIT did just that and it was even worse.

You can’t talk the kind of trash,tweets and memes that Rigondeaux was doing only to give an EXCUSE…. Not to mention it was an EXCUSE that many of us have seen guys finish fightswith that same type of issue. These are things that ANGER boxing fans & pundits NO EXCUSES means just that NO EXCUSES

By: Garrisson ‘Bo’ Bland

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  1. Great article by Bo Bland. Keep them coming,. He is a ultra boxing fan wrapped in a boxing journalists shell. Exactly what the game needs right now.

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