Oh No AJ What Are You Doing?!!?

Joshua Going Crazy Or What?


OMG! What in the blue blazes is going on with Anthony Joshua and his social media activity lately? Or is it his? Well that’s just it, we don’t know for sure…

After initially statingthe Instagram account in which heavyweight and former world title challenger Eddie Chambers said that Joshua was sending him direct messages was fake, promoter Eddie Hearn hasn’t replied to further requests. 3KingsBoxing.com is currently waiting on further statements from the promoter. When we reached out to Matchroom we were told “no comment at this time”.

Just last week Joshua stepped out of his normal reserved personality to go after the other two champions in the division along with former champion Tyson Fury. He later gave an explaination on his reasoning behind his Twitter “tirade”.

It’ll really be interesting to see the response or reasoning behind what some on social media are calling “racist” statements (picture below released by Chambers). I choose to withhold judgement until further verification can be confirmed.

By: Chris “C Bone” Henderson