Kenny Porter Talks Boxing’s Future & Pay Cuts

Kenny Porter Says Pay Cuts Are Going To Happen

Kenny Porter
Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter Says Pay Cuts Are Going To Happen

When boxing competition resumes, it is widely accepted that there are going to be a bevy of brand new protocols put in place. In terms of this, there is little argument or disagreements. However, how boxing will look or the new innovative ways in which promoters will attempt to replace the revenues received from the live gate is anyone’s guess.

For Kenny Porter, father and chief second to Shawn “Showtime” Porter, he believes that there will be a great many changes. In his estimations, some of these alterations will exist only in the short term, while others are likely to be of the permanent variety. Yet, first and foremost, Porter thinks that it is of dire importance to accurately target the viewers who are literally stuck in house.


In a recent interview with the ThaBoxingVoice, Kenny Porter took the time to elaborate on his stance in clearer detail.

“I’m just speculating on my behalf, but I see this as the new wave. I don’t see a lot of people wanting to jump on a plane and fly to Vegas and be around a lot of people. So I see it as the new movement where people just sit in their living room and watch the big fights. You know more people will be home watching, pay-per-view should do very well.

And then also, when guys are just starting off their pro careers, four rounder’s and six rounder’s, they’re going to have to create some form of app. Which I am sure that they already have, but they are going to have to create some type of app for those guys so people can see those fights. If they want to purchase that, you pay a monthly subscription or something like that.”


Still, even while the elder Porter is advocating putting more pay-per-view programming in play, he fully realizes that there is likely going to be financial strain on the economy. With this being the case, naturally something has to give. And in this instance, Kenny Porter foresees boxers having to get used to new financial realities.

“Let’s not call it ‘pay cuts’, let’s call it restructuring of contracts! I definitely know those things are going to happen. There is no way around that with everything that’s going on. But I think boxing can get back in there quicker than, say, the NFL with forty-five man rosters or the NBA with twelve man rosters.

…any other fighter who says he can’t fight without having a large crowd there, then you’re truly not a fighter and probably fighting just for money and that’s the wrong reason to do it. So, I mean the money means a lot obviously, but if everybody is in the same situation, meaning everybody coming back has to restructure the things they’re doing and everybody’s got to make some type of adjustment to everything that’s going on, if we want to get back in there then everybody has got to do it.”

Only time will tell how this plays out, but it appears that answers are coming sooner rather than later! Stay tuned to for all the latest in boxing news and updates.

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