Regis Prograis: “Me And Broner Is The Biggest Fight At 140!”

Regis Prograis thinks a bout with Adrien Broner is as big as they come!

Regis Prograis (left), Adrien Broner
Regis Prograis (left), Adrien Broner

Regis Prograis thinks a bout with Adrien Broner is as big as they come!

Right now one of boxing’s more interesting matchups would pit Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (25-1, 21 KO’s) against Adrien “The Problem” Broner (33-4-1, 24 KO’s) .The two have exchanged many words and each have previously shown interest in the bout. However, Prograis is campaigning at 140, while Broner last competed at welterweight. On top of the differences in weight classes, the Problem has been rather inactive lately. Broner only fought once in 2019, once in 2018 and none at all in 2020.

Despite his scarce fight schedule of late, Broner remains a widely recognizable and galvanizing force in the sport. Not wanting to leave behind any unfinished business, the Problem will soon make his return to the ring. While his opponent has yet to be announced, Broner will compete again on February 20. Naturally, with his return imminent, some folks are already playing matchmaker in their heads. Unsurprisingly, Prograis revealed to IFL TV he would love to get the chance to dance with the Ohio bad boy.

“[On Broner’s return] I think it’s a good thing for me, I think it’s a real good thing for me! I honestly think that’s what they are trying to set up, I think they are trying to set up me and Broner. It would be a huge fight at 140. You have a lot of other people fighting and stuff, but if me and Broner fight that would be the biggest fight you could make at 140!

…so I think that is a big, big potential now, a potential matchup between me and him now. And probably it could happen this year. So him coming back, him being focused I think is a real good thing for me because it looks like folks are believing in him again. And if he has a good performance in his next fight then hey, I think his name will be right back at the top and I think it’s all better for me.”


Obviously, a number of things must take place before Broner and Prograis can go to sanctioned war. First, the Problem needs to return, look good and…win! Yet there is little likelihood that the Ohioan will take on any form of stellar competition.

With less than a month to fight night, and following two years on the bench, that seems rather improbable. This is especially true because Broner can potentially be linked into any number of big and meaningful prizefights. Clearly the Rougarou is aware of the Problem’s up and down career pattern. This is why he wants the fight but is approaching it tentatively at best!

“It’s nothing official but they saying it’s a maybe. They always say maybe because, with Broner, you just never know. Sometimes he will get in trouble, sometimes he will do crazy stuff and you just never know with him. But right now he is looking focused, you looking on his Instagram and stuff, he skinny, he lost 40 or 50lbs or something like that. He looking focused so I think the maybe might be coming closer and closer to a reality that it really can happen…I won’t say number one, but I think he is a top priority.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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