Prograis On Plan B: “Broner Ain’t Scared; He Said ‘Let’s Do It!'”

Prograis Hints That Broner Is in the Backup Pipeline!

Regis Prograis open to facing Adrien Broner next
Regis Prograis open to facing Adrien Broner next | credit: Don King Productions

Regis Prograis Says Adrien Broner Is Next If No Haney Fight

There is no doubt who WBC super lightweight champion Regis “Rougarou” Prograis (29-1, 24 KO’s) wants to fight next. If given his way, he’d love to clash with undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney. To Prograis’ great chagrin however, despite signing his half of their contract, Team Haney has yet to do the same. As a result, Rougarou has already started discussions with four division champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner (35-4-1, 24 KO’s).

While submitting to a Q&A on Mill City Boxing, Prograis stated that this long-marinated duel could finally be next.

“He [Broner] was saying, ‘what’s up with the Devin shit?’ I’m like, ‘I signed my deal for November and Devin didn’t sign and that’s it.’ And I said if Devin ain’t trying to do it, then let you and me do it and he was just like, ‘let’s do it!’ You know, Broner ain’t scared, he’ll do whatever.”


As previously mentioned, Broner and Prograis have jaw-jacked and threatened to fight one another for years. Despite all the rhetoric however, the two have never been able to make it to the ring. While Prograis vs Broner is nowhere near as big or meaningful as his duel with Haney at this time, it’s not a bad last-minute substitution.

Truthfully speaking, technically Broner could be a very high-profile event. The Cincinnati native certainly remains a colorful character easily recognizable by hardcore and casual fans alike. The trouble is The Problem’s recent extended absence from the sport and his shabby last performance. As to be expected, coming off a two-year layoff, Broner did not dazzle or look overly impressive when squaring off with Bill Hutchinson.

Should the Haney negotiations implode, and Prograis does face Broner, their build-up and pre-fight hype would certainly be a fun time. Broner and Rougarou are big on trash talk, especially when provoked, so their back–and-forth would be memorable to say the least. Yet, let’s see what ultimately happens with the talks with Devin Haney.

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