Rolando Romero: “I Would Have Knocked Tank The Fuck Out!”

Rolando Romero Says He Would Have Stopped Tank!

Rolando Romero eyes Gervonta Davis while talking to the press
Gervonta Davis (left), Rolando Romero

Rolando Romero Was Greatly Underwhelmed by Tank Davis’ Last Win

When last in the ring, regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (26-0, 24 KO’s) bested Isaac Cruz by way of unanimous decision. The win was extremely hard fought as Cruz made Tank work for every inch, every round. While the performance turned into an excellent showing for Cruz, he was not the initial opponent. Originally Davis was slated to go head-to-head with Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s). Well that was before Romero was dropped from the card due to outside-the-ring legal issues.

Therefore, it should come as no great shock that Rolly took it upon himself to attend the bout. Equally unsurprising, Romero was not all that impressed with Tank’s performance. Going a step further, the verbose boxer insisted that he would have finished Davis within the distance.

“The thing is if he had been in the ring with me, he would have gotten knocked the fuck out! His defense is suspect! The thing is, how are you going to compare Cruz to a puncher like me?

“Bro, one, I am bigger than both of them. Two, I am stronger than both of them, I punch way harder than both of them and I’m more explosive than fucking both of them! You can’t even compare.”


“Wasn’t that what we were supposed to do in the first place? Isn’t that supposed to happen today for a reason [the Davis versus Romero fight]? Yeah, it’s okay, we are going to work towards that. Right Mr. Ellerbe?!”

It actually will be interesting to see what, and when, comes next for both fighters. As far as the public has been informed, Rolly still has to contend with his legal matters. And that litigation sounds like it might keep him out of the ring until it has been rectified. By the same token, all indicators point to the fact that Davis injured his hand during the dustup with Cruz.

So, granted that it is true, first Tank must heal up before he can put any real thought into making his next appearance. Therefore, let’s see how Romero and Davis take care of their immediately pressing matters.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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