Ebanie Bridges Scrapes By Mailys Gangloff; Wants Courtenay Rematch

Ebanie Bridges Gets a Very Close Points Win

Ebanie Bridges laughs in the middle of the ring; Shannon Courtenay gives a look of sarcasm.
Ebanie Bridges (left) and Shannon Courtenay

Ebanie Bridges Edges Mailys Gangloff By One Point

Female bantamweight contender Ebanie Bridges (7-1, 3 KO’s) secured her second consecutive win since suffering her sole professional loss to WBA champion Shannon Courtenay on April 10. She accomplished this by claiming a points win over Mailys Gangloff (5-3, 2 KO’s). Now the popular Australian has every intention of staging a rematch with Courtney.


Right from the start of the bout, the aggressive Bridges took the fight straight to Gangloff forcing her to fight going backwards. While the first round was somewhat uneventful the Australian found tremendous success with her right hand in the second. With the heavy hand she was able to plant a bevy of hard hooks and straights throughout the period. By the end of the round, Gangloff was pent to straps and under a small measure of duress. To her credit, Gangloff did not shrink under the pressure and handled herself well when fighting in close.

However in the middle rounds, Bridges ceased throwing her effective hand as much and seemed to be displaying a bit of discomfort. With the coming of the fifth, the Australian had a bit of a drop in activity which allowed her opponent the chance to take the lead on offense.

Bridges was still coming forward but ate more shots for her trouble and began to get out-boxed. To add to her adversity, not only was her hand apparently injured, her right eye was badly hurt. This would be the opposite eye of the badly mangled one she obtained in her fight against Courtenay. Due to her mounting physical ailments, Gangloff was able to take over the final few rounds.

Yet ultimately, her efforts turned out to be a case of “too little, too late”! Bridges walks away with a one point from referee Steve Gray with a score of 77-76. This bout was scheduled for eight rounds. However given the momentum Gangloff had late, if this were a ten round bout, we could have been reporting on a different winner!

By: Bakari Simpson

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