Rolly Romero: “There Is No Fight Between Me And Teofimo; Ever!”

Rolando Romero Says Business Spoiled Brotherhood

Rolly Romero ungloves as he sits opposite of Teofimo Lopez
Rolly Romero (Saad Khan) vows to never fight Teofimo Lopez (Top Rank)

Rolly Romero Vows to Never Battle Teofimo Lopez

During his next tour of duty, WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-1, 13 KO’s) will take on Isaac Cruz. Yet, for many, there is a more pressing matter of what transpired between Rolly and WBO 140-pound champion Teofimo “The Takeover” Lopez (30-1, 13 KO’s). For years, the two friends ran together in true Mutt and Jeff fashion before a sudden rift came between them.

Initially, Romero acknowledged that there had been a shift but was short on detail and shade. The Takeover chose a different route. With a hot mic in his face, Lopez explained how his new chilly feelings emerged when Rolly entered into his junior welterweight division. He would then raise the stakes by allegedly making public a couple injuries that Romero was nursing.


While it seemed a shady move to begin with, it was doubly so since it came off as if Lopez was aiming to get Romero injured. Now, in an informative sit down with Fight Hub TV, Rolly provides a bit more detail on how their union deteriorated from his perspective.

“We were perfectly fine right up until I won a world title and he started acting all weird towards me. You guys know Teo – Teo is always clearly going through something. So maybe he is going through something right now and he needs somebody there for him. We don’t know what’s actually going on with him. I can’t really speak on any of it . . . at the end of it, I have shown nothing but love.”

“When Teofimo lost to Kambosos, who was the only one defending him? Me. Who was the only one supporting him through all that shit? I looked at Teo like an actual brother. All I know for a fact is there is shit bigger in this life than just boxing; boxing is just a small part of anything for us.”

“But if people want to let the hype of boxing do this and do that and all this stuff, I don’t really give a fuck. He want to do that and go fight on Takeover Thursday or whatever the fuck he wants to go do, but me and him are never going to fight. There is no fight between me and Teofimo, ever. I don’t know no friends that would do something like that.”


Some may find it surprising Rolly is remaining on the high road when it comes to this matter. It will be interesting to see how The Takeover responds as he has been the more venomous of the two since their relationship has gone sour. Stay tuned to 3Kings Boxing for all the latest developments.

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