Rolly: “Teo And Devin Are Not Big Fights; I Don’t Know Other Dude”

Romero Sees No Value in Pursuing Lopez or Haney

Rolly Romero passes on the idea of unification with Haney, Lopez, and Matias
Rolly Romero passes on the idea of unification with Haney, Lopez, and Matias | credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank, Esther Lin/Showtime

Rolly Romero Shoots Down Lopez, Haney, and Matias Unifications

WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-1, 13KO) is not interested in fighting a unification against fellow champions Teofimo Lopez (19-1, 13KO), Devin Haney (31-0, 15KO) or Subriel Matias (20-1, 20KO).

Rolly shocked the boxing public after news hit that he is going to fight lightweight contender Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz. The boxing public was under the impression that a fight with Garcia was underway.

Romero didn’t like how King Ry acted as if he was the A-side during negotiations. The WBA champion didn’t believe that Garcia was the bigger draw, considering he holds the title.


During an interview with EsNews, Rolly explained why he isn’t in a rush to fight Haney, Lopez, or Matias in a quest for undisputed.

“I’m not in a rush for any of that stuff. I don’t really care about that. I’m just trying to make big fights, put any of those people that you just said it’s not a big fight, it’s not a massive fight.”

“If Teo was a big fight, he wouldn’t be fighting on Takeover Thursday. . .If Devin was a big fight, he wouldn’t be doing 30k pay-per-view buys. . the other dude, [Matias] I don’t know his name. I hardly know who he is.”

Romero is known for saying controversial things, but this statement takes the cake. To be honest, Matias would be considered not that much of a big fight. But, fighting Haney or Lopez would move the needle, considering their popularity and accolades.

Plus, fans should take issue with Rolly being dismissive of wanting to fight for undisputed or even unification. It is another example of a fighter choosing money over legacy.

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