Jalen Rose: “I Want Canelo to Fight Lomachenko & Crawford!”

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Jalen Rose, Canelo Alvarez, Vasiliy Loamchenko and Terence Crawford
From left to bottom right: Jalen Rose, Canelo Alvarez, Vasiliy Loamchenko and Terence Crawford.

ESPN analyst Jalen Rose embarrasses himself on national television!

In arguably the funniest live TV boxing blunder of 2019, former NBA player turned ESPN analyst Jalen Rose made a comical statement he believed should have been taken seriously.

While providing a brief recap of the Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev WBO light heavyweight contest that took place November 2, Rose stated he would like to see the Mexican star fight two other fighters in the future.

His choices were unified lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford.

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Wait…huh?! I should be able to stop writing here but I’ll continue to explain why this is ridiculous for the…unaware.


Canelo, who normally campaigns at 160 pounds just won a title at 175 pounds. Rose would like to see Lomachenko, who holds titles at 135 pounds and 147 pound champion Crawford somehow meet Canelo in the ring in a professional bout!

If you didn’t before, do you understand the ridiculousness now?

Crawford, who is only one inch shorter, was at one point only two divisions away from Canelo; a thirteen pound difference. Also, it is public knowledge the WBO welterweight champion can walk around as big as 180 pounds. Although, that is him one-hundred percent out of shape.

Therefore, that request isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds if Canelo were to go back to middleweight. However, it is highly unlikely.


The truly hilarious statement was the Lomachenko request. There is absolutely no way the man who is considered a small lightweight could ever meet Canelo who is currently a whopping 40 pounds heavier in the ring!

So lets have some more fun and discuss a catchweight shall we? Canelo would have to get down to at least welterweight (28 pounds lighter) just to be in position to attempt to lure Lomachenko into a fight!

The current light heavyweight champion would look like he was suffering from anorexia and would probably be hospitalized due to dehydration before the fight could happen! Furthermore, Lomachenko has already stated he won’t campaign at 140 pounds let alone 147.

This is just not plausible!

Seriously, ESPN should be ashamed they have subjected their loyal subscribers to such nonsense. At least present an analyst with enough boxing knowledge where he or she understands the thresholds between weight divisions when giving an analysis.

This is hilarious but at the same time it is sad. Boxing fans, fighters, managers, etc. from all over the world should all demand the sport they love receive much more respect!

By: EJ Williams

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