Ryan Garcia: “I Had Sex With Jordan & Caleb Plant Did Nothing”

Are Garcia's Antics Turning Criminal?!

Ryan Garcia claims he had sex with Jordan Plant
Ryan Garcia goes low in attacks on Caleb and Jordan Plant (Getty Images)

Ryan Garcia Hits A New Low To Antagonize Caleb & Jordan Plant

At this point in the game, junior welterweight fighter “King Ry” Ryan Garcia (25-1, 20 KO’s) has become a true menace to the sport. Over the course of the past few days, Garcia has focused his malicious and very reckless social media influence on one-time WBC super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (22-2, 13 KO’s) and his wife, Jordan Plant.

Ahead of his duel with WBC champion Devin Haney, Garcia flooded social media with an endless river of unhinged posts. His outbursts included topics revolving around child rape, boxing conspiracies, and the desire to murder Haney in the ring. His alibi for this scurrilous banter was “innocent trolling” in an effort to hype the fight. The problem with this excuse is his duel with Haney was two months ago and he’s still at it.


Now, not only has he not stopped, he’s targeting new people, namely the Plants. The latest episode occurred while both were attending the Gervonta Davis vs Frank Martin prizefight. Garcia provided an avalanche of posts flat-out saying that he’d had sexual relations with Jordan Plant. Naturally, Caleb did not take kindly to these slanderous and defaming comments. Later at the event, when the two were in close proximity with one another, a small brouhaha broke out in which Garcia was struck with a beer container.

Since this physical incident, King Ry has doubled-down on his licentious tirade by continuing his targeted ambush of Jordan Plant. Presently, Garcia is already buried in unresolved controversy due to popping dirty after facing Haney. Yet, even if this was not the case, as he is a 140-pounder and Sweethands is a 168-pounder, there is no way they could settle this mono-a-mono in a legitimate prizefight. As the Plants are not likely to “take it to the streets,” the next most reasonable recourse the legal system.


As the direct dual result of his reckless posting habits, Garcia has already made himself the target of legal retaliation. This was the result of his lawless slandering of the Prime energy drink. He is also perfectly in line to be sued by at least two different supplement companies, Victor Conte and an ashwagandha distributor.

What makes this latest ordeal all the more dangerous, aside from involving Caleb’s wife Jordan, Jordan is a very public figure in boxing. All one would have to do is look at King Ry’s posts and see how gleefully his army of supporters are joining in on the macabre “fun.” In fact, Jordan was actually working the Davis vs Martin fight in an official capacity.

Nothing about this is funny, good for the sport or even remotely safe, let alone tasteful. Perhaps Ryan Garcia is truly mentally unstable and needs to be corralled. Maybe he is perfectly fine and is just being a literal menace. Either way, Garcia needs to be separated from his social media access, immediately.

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