Saunders/Lemieux: No Love Loss

True Dislike


Earlier today WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders and David Lemieux got together for the international media conference call. It was more of the same banter as has been the case in the lead up to this week. The fact is these two men do not like each other plain and simple. Both guys echoed this sentiment throughout the call.

When Lemieux was asked if he was ready for this weekend and excited:

I’m more excited, actually, just to lay my hands on Billy Joe Saunders more than anything else. He’s got a big mouth. It’s rare I see fighters with such a big mouth. I just hope his fighting is going to come as close as his mouth on Saturday night. He has a very, very aggressive Lemieux on his back, and I’m going to be ready. I’m extremely prepared for this fight. So, it’s not going to be easy for him. It’s actually going to be hell for him.” said Lemieux.

I’m here to knock him out. I’m here to destroy him every round. It’s 12 rounds. It’s unfortunate for him, but I’m ready for 12 big rounds. I’m excited for this fight to give the fans their money’s worth and finish the year with a new WBO title.” said the Canadian.

Lemieux is normally a laid back type of guy or at least was the last time we saw him in a build up to a world title fight when he faced middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin. When asked about is apparent dislike for Saunders he said:

Well, he said a whole bunch of things. Just his character, he is who he is, and I don’t like him.”

Saunders who is known for his brash outspokenness was asked the same question in which he replied:

I’m quite happy to know I’m under his skin because, if he wants to play a boxing match, then bring a blindfold, and I’ll put it on, and I’ll beat him. That’s how confident I am.”

I think David is a good fighter, but at the minute, he’s just the last bit of dog meat for me because (indiscernible) Golovkin told me I am the dog himself. And I know he’s given David a bit of a beating and also set that big fire out for me.

One thing being talked about leading up to this fight is the fact it is taking place in the Canadian’s backyard and whether or not Saunders can get a fair shake on the judges scorecards. Saunders himself says he is fine with coming to Canada for this fight:

I perform under pressure. I’ve seen David’s absolute best performance against Gennady Golovkin. I think David is very weak in the mind. And at the end, I don’t care if it’s in his backyard, put the ring there. As long as there’s a ring we can get in, that’s all that matters. We got one judge from Canada, one English and one from another place so it evens out.”

By: Chris Henderson

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