Malik Scott: “I Don’t Want Wilder Talking Boxing. He Deserves To Rest.”

Should Deontay Wilder retire or keep fighting?

Malik Scott (left) and heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder talking to the press
Malik Scott (left), Deontay Wilder

Should Deontay Wilder retire or keep fighting?

By now, everyone is calmly recovering from the excitement of witnessing what some are calling the greatest heavyweight fight in history. WBC champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (31-0-1, 22ko) successfully defended the title via eleventh round knockout against Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-2-1, 41ko). However, those inside the boxing community wonder what Wilder will do next. The former champion suffered injuries again according to trainer Malik Scott.

“He got a busted lip, he broke his hand, broke a finger, his knuckle.”


Now, those inside the boxing community want to know what is next for the former champion. Understand that a knockout of that magnitude, and the physical and mental toll a fight like that, takes years off a fighter’s life. During an interview with ESNEWS, Malik Scott expressed that first, he wants Wilder to rest.

“I really don’t want Deontay talking about boxing or doing nothing with boxing for quite some time. I want him to get some good rest, especially after this. After the last fight, he was so worked up, over the time and then training and just excited, so happy to win the arbitration, he really never really got to rest, and he deserves a good rest.”

Whether you agree with Scott or not, at the age of 35 years, the former champion could lean towards retirement, if given too much time to think.


Some will say Wilder should retire, and when examining it closely, there are some good points. We have seen what happens when fighters take too much time off after a bad beating. Vladimir Klitschko took time off after being defeated by Anthony Joshua, then decided to hang them up, back in 2017. Fans saw Manny Pacquiao, after losing to WBA “super” welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas, announce his retirement earlier this year.

Furthermore, boxing just gave him the perfect send-off. During and after the fight, pundits and fighters praised the former champion for going out on his shield by showing tremendous heart and willpower. Some even called it one of the greatest trilogies in boxing. Moreover, at 35 years of age, Wilder has reached the pinnacle of the sport, becoming champion with ten successful title defenses and lost to what some consider to be the best heavyweight of this era.


A case can be made he should come back, and here is why. Wilder is still one of the most dangerous punchers in boxing, and his power alone could defeat the majority of top fighters in the division.

There are still very profitable and winnable noteworthy fights to be made. Fans can be interested in seeing Wilder face fighters like Andy Ruiz, Daniel Dubois, Robert Helenius, Joe Joyce, Charles Martin, Joseph Parker, Tony Yoka, and Filip Hrgovic. All of the previously named fighters hold spots within the top ten or five, depending on what sanctioning body you are viewing. Moreover, fans would come out to watch the fights as well.

Finally, Fury is the best heavyweight of this era, and there is nothing wrong with losing to the best. That point can not be expressed enough.

Stay or leave? Deontay Wilder, boxing awaits your decision.

By: Garrisson Bland

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