Serrano To Taylor: “Let’s Change Boxing & Fight 12 Three-Minute Rounds”

Katie Taylor Not Sold On Fighting 12 Three-Minute Rounds with Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano presses a put-off Katie Taylor
Amanda Serrano presses a put-off Katie Taylor

Serrano Unsuccessfully Petitions Katie Taylor to Fight 12 Three-Minute Rounds!

For some time, there were fervent talks about forging a fight between undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor (20-0, 6 KO’s) and unified featherweight champion Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano (42-1-1, 30 KO’s). Despite the magnitude of the bout and extreme lather boxing fans had been worked into, the bout went unmade. This is no longer the case as Serrano and Taylor have signed off to battle one another. Now that they have agreed to face one another, the fight world is being gifted a historic showdown.

Seeking to add more luster on the moment, Serrano attempted to make some notable adjustments to the bout. If given her way, the Real Deal would have loved to stage the fight adhering to twelve, three minutes rounds, just like the men. This is exactly what she proposed to Taylor at a press event. To date, female fighters fight a max of ten, two-minute rounds. Yet, rather than etch their names in the halls of history, Taylor shrank away from the opportunity.

“I don’t really feel like that will make a huge difference, the event that is already iconic the way it is. The fact that the presales are the best, the second best in history says it all, really. This fight is even more important than even we realized and this proves that the perception has changed already, boxing is boxing regardless. And, the fight is already iconic the way that it is.”

Katie Taylor, undisputed lightweight champion


Of course, Serrano was disappointed that Katie Taylor did not go along with novel idea, but she is not exactly crying in her Cheerios about it either. In her mind, this was merely another way to help further establish a truly level playing field for male and female boxers.   

“It’s a risk for both of us, so I am not saying it’s just for me but you know we’ve been talking about, this whole week leading up to this fight, for equality. And to make history for women and to make a change for women in the sport of boxing. So, I think, why not this fight? We have the platform, we have two great champions and we’re making history!

We’re doing the first of everything, so why not do twelve, three minutes rounds? I thought it would have been a great idea to put that foot forward in the sport. But remember, if it happens after today, that means they stole my idea!”


While it is somewhat of a buzzkill that Taylor was not willing to play ball, at least we still are getting the bout itself. Although, it will be interesting to see what two women will be the first to compete under the same time constraints of the men.

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By: Bakari Simpson

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