Shields Responds: “Marshall Is The Bully But She Is Intimidated By Me”

Claressa Shields Flips the Script On Marshall!

Claressa Shields eyes Savannah Marshall
Claressa Shields eyes Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields Returns Fire on Savannah Marshall on ‘Bully’ Narrative

The bad blood between unified middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (12-0, 2KO) and WBO champion Savannah “The Silent Assassin” Marshall (12-0, 10KO) will come to a close on October 15. The two champions have been trading shots during the build-up, with the latest being on who is the real bully.

Marshall first kicked things off by referring to T-Rex as a bully in the press conference for the build-up to the fight. In her view, the unified champion always tries to intimidate opponents verbally.


In an interview with iFL TV, Shields hit back hard at the WBO champion’s assessment and explained why Marshall is the real bully.

“I haven’t tried to intimidate her, she’s intimidated, that’s the thing. She’s been intimidated before I ever said anything. She’s the bully, to be honest. She walks up to the side of the ring after I fought and says, ‘if you fight that way against me, I’m gonna wipe the floor with you’. Is that not a bully?”

“Her saying she’s going to knock me out: is that not her being a bully? Her saying that I got pillow fists, talking about my butt and my hair: is that not being a bully?”


Shields has constantly criticized Marshall’s level of opposition and used it again to further the bully narrative.

“Let’s not overlook, she came down from 175, skipped 168, came to 160, and has only fought one girl that was an actual 160 pounder, and the rest of them were 147 pounders who she’s knocking out. So, who’s really the bully here? It’s her.”

This fight was scheduled to take place in September but had to be pushed back due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth. With their fight moved to October 15, the extra time has only made their rivalry even more intense.

By: Garrisson Bland

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