Dmitry Bivol: “I Want To Fight Canelo For History, I Have Enough Money”

Eddie Hearn believes Bivol wouldn’t price himself out against Canelo

Dmitry Bivol (left), Saul "Canelo" Alvarez
Dmitry Bivol (left), Saul "Canelo" Alvarez

Eddie Hearn believes Bivol wouldn’t price himself out against Canelo

On June 6, 2020, boxing kicked off it’s first scheduled fight card since being held captive by the global pandemic COVID-19. This means going forward that fighters, fans, and enthusiasts can start their engines when it comes to looking for match-ups. Following the pause put on boxing in March, there is now hope in revitalizing the sport.

Furthermore, fighters are undoubtedly more eager than ever before to get into the ring and continue to build on their careers. However, some will have more of an uphill battle than others. This is the case with WBA “super” light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol (17-0, 11ko).

The super talented and technically sound WBA champion has been trying to get a big fight for quite some time. Moreover, he has stated on numerous occasions a willingness to move down to super middleweight for a shot at Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez (53-1-2, 36ko).

Bivol hasn’t given up on making that fight a reality. In a livefeed video with British promoter Eddie Hearn, he once again presented his case and made it clear money isn’t the motivator.

“I can move down to get the big fight, I don’t have a problem to make 168lb against Canelo. Why are we talking about Canelo? Because he has a problem with his opponent. I know you and DAZN don’t have a problem to make a fight for me against Canelo. Is that true?”

Hearn would reply to the question by the WBA champion that seemed like a shot at the Mexican mega-star, while making it clear that he’s open to making the fight.

“Maybe Canelo will, maybe Canelo has a problem. I don’t have a problem. Of course, we have Billy Joe Saunders who is due to fight him. He has a hearing with the board that may take place and Gennady Golovkin. But certainly, for you I know you wouldn’t price yourself out with the money, you would make sure the fight happens. You want to fight Canelo.”

Bivol would follow up that statement with a rare, honest answer that boxing fans can appreciate.

“Of course, first of all, I want to fight against him to make my own history and then it’s about money. Of course, we are here to earn money but it’s not my goal to get more money. I have enough money, I am happy.”

“First of all, I have to use my skills and open my talent for boxing fans. This makes me more happy than money.”

Bivol has the right attitude; get the fight first and a victory increases the profile – meaning more money will come from the back end. Moreover, given the facts that without fans in attendance there will be no live gate, and the WBA champion doesn’t come with a high price tag, Bivol is an attractive option.

By: Garrisson Bland

Garrisson Bland - Head of Public Relations/Senior Journalist. Garrisson is the Head of Public relations for as well as a senior writer. He is also the host of YouTube boxing show "Truth And Facts Sports Talk."