Shields Threatens Rolly: “I’ll Come To TMT Gym & Embarrass You!”

Shields Explodes on Romero for an Attempt at Chivalry!

Claressa Shields threatens Rolly Romero
Claressa Shields threatens Rolly Romero | credit: Getty Images

Claressa Shields Threatens to Put Hands on Rolly Romero!

At the moment, there is currently a video circulating of undisputed middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (14-0, 2 KO’s) being dropped by a male sparring partner. Shields had taken to social media where she explained that the fighter, Arturs Ahmetovs, removed the padding from his gloves prior to delivering the stinging shot.

Feeling that he was doing a good thing, WBA super lightweight champion Rolando “Rolly ” Romero (15-1, 13 KO’s) posted a highlight video from his February 22, 2020 fight when he stopped Ahmetovs in the second. Clearly, Shields did not accept it as the “I got your back” sentiment as it would appear that Rolly intended.


Rather than being appreciative of the solidarity, T-Rex issued him a rather scathing rebuke.

“Rollies [Romero], who I’m actually cool with, who I thought I was cool with, he comes to my inbox last night, up on Instagram and he like, ‘It’s crazy how I knocked that dude out for you but you be hating on me.’

First of all, Rolly, with your clown ass, the fact that you think I am hating on you, let me tell you something – bitch, don’t flatter yourself! Ain’t nobody hating on you! You just lost to a forty-year-old man and they gave you the decision on the belt. You can not compare to me up in no type of way. So shut your weak ass up!’”

“And Rolly, the next time I see you, you can put your motherfucking dukes up because I am going to punch the fuck out of your ass because whenever I see you in person, you bow down and you be respectful. But then you want to come in my inbox talking about someone hating on you . . . so while your punk ass came to my inbox, nigga I will square up with you and whoop your ass, literally! I will come to TMT gym and put my hands on you – I will embarrass you. With all that power you got, I will embarrass you, little nigga!”

For his part, Romero made it abundantly clear that he was not providing any back-and-forth with the two-time Olympic gold medalist.

Rolly apologizes to Claressa Shields


In all honesty though, this vitriolic response should not come as a grand surprise to anyone. Shields itching to fight a male boxer for years. Most notably, she dogged a fight with one-time welterweight champion Keith Thurman the longest and loudest. So, to hear her declare, “put your dukes up on sight” warnings to Rolly, it’s kind of par for her course of action.

With the quickly shifting sands of social acceptance and radically altering boxing industry, Shields just may get what she is looking for. We already have bare knuckle-boxing, social media stars hopping in the sport, and even Shields herself crossing over into MMA. Therefore, it wouldn’t require a nimble imagination to envision Shields being contracted to face a respected male boxer.

It’ll be interesting to see if Shields continues to open fire on Romero in the coming days and weeks. Going by his final transmission, Rolly is not going to hit back. So whether she revs up again or he changes his mind and temperature, 3Kings Boxing will be here to report the news.

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