Is Showtime Boxing Jumping The Gun By Removing Rolly Romero?

Showtime setting dangerous precedent by yanking Rolly from the Tank fight

Rolando Romero speaking at a press event prior to removal by Showtime from the Tank Davis fight
Rolando Romero | Credit: Michael Owens/Getty Images

Showtime setting dangerous precedent by yanking Rolly from the Tank fight

In the court of public opinion, lightweight boxer Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s) has been tried, convicted and sentenced to exile for as yet unfounded accusations. At least in the eyes of Showtime boxing he is! Rolly was preparing himself for his biggest and most lucrative prizefight against regular WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis (25-0, 24 KO’s). However, a bevy of sexual misconduct allegations were leveled at Romero. Soon after, the marquee bout fell apart quicker than a roughly handled Jinga tower.

Seeking to distance themselves from whatever negative press would emerge from the damaging situation, Showtime boxing decided to pull Rolly from the card. In fact, the New Jersey native has already been replaced by Isaac Cruz.


There is no question that the stories being told about Rolly are vile and disturbing. If they are proven to be true, and Rolly is revealed to be a dastardly repeat sexual degenerate, then he should be punished. At this moment in time though, all of these tales are still unsubstantiated. Going a step further, it does not appear that formal charges have even been filed. From this standpoint, Showtime is potentially setting a very dangerous precedent.

Minus proof, or tangible evidence, what is the line or limit that must be crossed for punishment to be ruled? Are two or three tweets sufficient enough to derail a career? Tyson Fury has been accused of glove tampering and doping. There is legitimate visual evidence available supporting the conspiracy theorists claims of dirty gloves. Even worse, along with the failed drug test results, his alibi as to why he had PED’s in his system was proven not to be true. Yet nothing of any consequence has taken place. So should Fury also be barred from competing on Showtime and other outlets?


Of course, the ‘Me Too’ movement has a great deal to do with this current situation. Over the years and decades, there have been countless women victimized by tormentors and an oftentimes cold and pitiless justice system. Therefore it is wonderful that real predators are being held accountable for their malicious actions. At the same time, succumbing to mob mentality and blindly stoning anyone with a finger pointed in their direction would become its own unique predatory system. Luckily for him, Romero appears to be taking the gloomy turn of events in good stride.

Rolando Romero handles sexual assault accusations with a calm resolve
Rolando Romero handles sexual assault accusations with a calm resolve

Also, in no way is it being insinuated that Romero is innocent of anything. If Rolly is shown to be the licentious reprobate that he is being accused of, then he should be left to boil in whatever punishment is fitting. Yet, if he is exonerated, what could be done to fix the damage that he has suffered? At this point, no matter how this plays out, there are victims involved. Whether Rolly was the real villain all along, or Showtime was too quick on the trigger trying to look like a hero has yet to be seen. Regardless though, this is and will remain one sticky situation.

By: Bakari Simpson

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