Spence/Peterson Ratings Twice As High As Spence/Brook

Spence Jr’s numbers double on Showtime 

Is Errol Spence trending upward with the fans? According to the ratings release today by Nielsen Media Research Spence TKO victory over an outmatched Lamont Peterson was viewed by a peak audience of 695,000 and drew an average audience of 637,000.

In comparison to Spence’s fight against Kell Brook the peak at 337,000 and averaged 291,000. In all fairness the Brook fight was a afternoon fight on a Saturday so one must take that into count. Maybe the young Champion is trending upward as he continues to impress fans all over.

Spence had some amazing numbers back in August 2016 in his fight with Bundu on NBC. The fight followed the Summer Olympics telecast and peaked as high as 6 million. It’s also fair to note that Showtime is in less than 24 million homes while NBC is over 120 million.

One could wonder what type of numbers him and several welterweights can have if they were to face each other. A fight with Keith Thurman for example could be huge and the public seems to want it as well. I personally predict we won’t get the fight this year however but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

By: Wilson Urena 

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